Photography Week: Vinyl Backdrops and a Giveaway!

Welcome to Day 3 of Photography Week! Did you miss the first 2 days?
Day 1: Getting to know your DSLR and Outdoor Photography
Day 2: Indoor Photography and the Eternal Flash

Today’s post is brought to us by My Backdrop Shop

Once I decided to set-up a mini studio in my home I knew I wanted some high quality backdrops that would hold up well over time even when using them with my rambunctious children 🙂 After a thorough search on etsy I decided My Backdrop Shop was the way to go! They generously provided me with 1 backdrop and then I bought one more and I will probably be back for more soon 🙂

To set up my mini studio I have a backdrop stand and clamps to hang the backdrops from. Since I set up over a carpeted area I lay down a sheet of plywood and then my floor drop. To complete the look I use a section of baseboard. The backdrop stand can extend up higher than shown. I used it at it’s shortest level since my kids were sitting. If you go with the lightweight polypro paper I’ve heard a great way to hang it up is to stick it directly to the wall with masking tape.

I decided to go with very neutral backdrops so I can use them over and over again without getting tired of them. For my first backdrop I went with Solid Beige. All of the backdrops come in vinyl or polypro. Since I knew I would be using this as a floordrop and a backdrop I went with the sturdier vinyl

This backdrop is definitely going to get tons of use!

For my 2nd backdrop I went with a white chair rail which I love! It’s neutral but still has a bit of added visual interest

You might remember this shot from the baby due date guessing game. I’m loving the versatility of this backdrop!

It also makes a wonderful backdrop for displaying clothing. I just looped my ribbon around the backdrop stand and used it to hang up Anne’s dress

If you plan on doing shoots with multiple children I recommend the 5 foot width. It’s hard enough to get them all in the same frame without having to worry about squishing them close together 🙂 Or maybe that’s just my kids…

My Backdrop Shop also has a ton of fun printed backdrops! Here’s a few of my favorites:
Photography Week

Today 1 lucky reader is going to win a $25 gift card to My Backdrop Shop!
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8 Responses

  1. These tutorial tips are GREAT!! I love it… now what kind of backdrop would you use for quilts? other than outside?
    btw I sent and tagged you on two dresses I made my girls this week for Easter, they are blue and white, I loved the peasant dress pattern! SEW cute, want to make more 🙂 any ideas on how to add a tag in the neck btw with the size?

    1. Quilts are tricky! I think you have to pretty much stick with outside or just laid out on the bed. Or if you’re lucky and have stairs with a balcony type set-up you could drape it over that. Glad you enjoyed the dresses 🙂 I stick my tags in just before topstitching the neckline down

  2. i’ve been loving your backdrops lately and this was great to see the behind the scenes!!! Do you use all natural light or studio lighting?

  3. Love the outtake of all 3! Have had a few of this shops backdrops in my Pinterest favs but have never tried them out…

    1. You’ll have to give them a try. With all of the cute modeling your girls do I’m sure they’d get a ton of use 🙂

  4. This would be awesome!! I might have to get some of these whether I win or not..but I hope I do!

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