#1 Best Sewing Machine for Kids

Sewing Machines for Kids

 For Anne’s 4th birthday we got her a sewing machine and I did a lot of research beforehand to find the best sewing machine for kids.

Kids Sewing Machine

It took me about 5 minutes to rule out all of the machines designed just for kids. You know the chain stitch style you find in the toy department…they really just don’t work so don’t even go there. I want to teach my child that sewing is fun and functional – not frustrating. It turns out the best sewing machine for kids isn’t necessarily made for kids.

Best Sewing Machine for Kids Review

We ended up going with the Janome Portable Sewing Machine which you can find on Amazon for around $70 in 4 different colors. If you are a prime member you also get free 2 day shipping 🙂 *I am an Amazon affiliate but this review is 100% my own opinion

sewing machines for kids

We’ve had this for a couple months now are loving it! First of all it is a 1/2 size machine so it is very small and lightweight. Overall it’s less intimidating for a child than a full size machine and it’s easy to store when not in use. It is definitely much slower than my machine and I’m comfortable with my 4 year old using it with limited supervision (I’m in the room but don’t have to hover)
girl with sewing machine

My favorite feature by far (which I didn’t know about until it arrived) is this wonderful presser foot! The way it’s shaped it would be incredibly difficult to get your finger under the needle which was a big safety concern I had.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but it definitely gives me a lot of peace of mind. We of course still teach sewing safety but I’m glad to have this chunky presser foot blocking her precious fingers just in case. 1012030_10153829668310122_278959478_n

The machine includes 10 basic stitches including a straight stitch, basting stitch and a zig-zag. It’s plenty for a beginner and I like the easy-to-read dial. My toddler can quickly switch between the letters and understand which stitch she is picking. No bells or whistles but for a child it’s perfect
best sewing machines for kids

We’ve used this machine to sew through multiple layers of fabric (including fleece) and it did quite well. One of our early projects was a dolly sleeping bag and the machine did fine with a layer of cotton and a layer of fleece.

When it got time to sew all the layers together it was manageable on this machine but it did begin to struggle a bit. Granted a child won’t be sewing through that much fabric very often.
FQ Dolly Sleeping BAg

The only real draw-back to this machine is it doesn’t have a light. My toddler isn’t used to sewing with one so she does fine with a lamp but a light would’ve been nice. I imagine if she continues sewing and really takes it seriously we’ll be getting her a full size machine with more features when she’s 9 or 10 but I think it will be awhile before she outgrows the functionality of this machine
best sewing machines for kids

Once I realized how much she loves to sew I decided she needed her own sewing nook in my office. I got this drop-leaf table and a child-size folding chair  (it came in fun colors too!)


It’s the perfect size for her to sew and just barely fits between my sewing desk and computer desk.
sewing studio

When she’s done I put away her machine and fold down her whole station. The little chair slips between my desk and the wall and the table only sticks out 2.5″ when it’s folded so it’s not in my way. I also installed the little table all on my own (9 months pregnant!) and I’m proud to say it’s very close to level 🙂

Now she has her own little work space and we’re both loving it!
girl sewing

Hope that helps you  and your little one in your sewing adventures! In our opinion this is the best sewing machine for kids.

Check out the rest of my sewing room here:peekabooofficetour

25 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this info! My daughter is turning 5 and I think this will be a perfect gift for. her She watches me sew and has been begging for a machine. I’m so happy to not buy the ones specifically made for children.

    I am so excited!

  2. Hi, we bought this machine for my 3.5 yr old daughter. It is a great machine. I do agree that a built in light would’ve been great, but her eyes are better than mine. She’ll be OK. At such a young age she still requires a lot of guidance, but is quickly getting the hang of it. Great machine for kids!

  3. I bought Janome Hello Kitty machines for my granddaughters. They love them and are so simple my daughter sometimes uses them if she is in a hurry. Granddaughters won grand champion ribbons at.the fair with dresses last summer, at ages 10 and 13. We do supervise and help with advice and instructions.

  4. Hi! Thank you for this post. My 5 year old is showing signs of wanting to sew ( I have an extra machine but it’s giant and she’s tiny), so I was searching for kids sewing machines and your post popped up!! Its been a few months since you bought it, how do you (still) like it? I wonder how it will stand up over time/use. Thanks so much!

    1. We are really liking it! No problems so far 🙂 We use it every week or two (summer has been busy) and generally only in 15-30 minute sessions but we have had any trouble with it

  5. I have been teaching my granddaughter Lanie to sew. She is 7 1/2 and wanted to learn to sew since she watches me piece quilts. I bought she and I a Featherweight and then on Black Friday I bought her a Hello Kitty Jerome. Both I have her the quarter inch foot. Lanie is loving it.

  6. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Could I bother you to tell where you got the fold down wall table at? I have very, VERY limited space and my this would be a perfect little station for my two daughters.

  7. Thank you for this post! My daughter just turned 3 and has been constantly trying to “play” with my machine for a while now. I’ve been wanting to get her one, but wasn’t sure what would be a good age for her to start. Now I know what I’m getting her for Christmas! 🙂
    Now I just have to get my craft space organized enough to get her a little area of her own.

  8. Absolutely awesome! Now I know what my little man (turns 4 in Sept) is getting for Christmas. Hopefully it will stop him trying to use my machine…when I’m on it! Great review & fab photos, thank you for sharing my dear! x

  9. This is fantastic! Thank you for all the info. I am going to start my daughter with sewing this summer (she will be 4 and a half). She loves sitting on my lap and sewing at my machine, she moves the fabric and picks the stitch and I do the peddle.

  10. I love this what a great idea. I read this post today with my three year old and she is wishing she had her own sewing machine now, too!

  11. Love it! Great review- especially about the presser foot. This machine has more stitches than mine! I don’t sew with my light because it gets so hot. After we move this is definitely going on the list for my almost five year old.

  12. Where did you find the drop-leaf table? I think these would be a great addition to our home. We are pregnant with #7 and these would make great “homework/activity/craft” stations for for the kids so they could work independently without pestering one another! It would also be cute to add their names and maybe art work from the week above each table.


      1. Ikea has these types of work stations..we set up two for my grandchildren to work from home with Mommy and to do their homework…

  13. What a great idea. The usual kids’ machines are exercises in frustration that are more likely to teach the child to hate sewing. Nice to know this is out there should the opportunity arise.

  14. This is sooo cute and something i think I will get our daughter! she loves to watch me sew and her birthday is in June! this seems like the perfect sewing machine for her! she will be 5. Thanks so much for this post!

    1. 5 is a great age to start! My 4 year old is loving it 🙂 She’s definitely on the young end but she can’t get enough

  15. So adorable! Do you think this machine would be good for an older child who doesn’t have any experience with a machine yet? My kids are 8 and 5 and have not yet expressed interest in using a machine but I am always on the look-out for a good machine for them so I can be ready when they do ask. They 8yo especially loves hand-sewing but is nervous about using a machine so I was wondering if this would be a good intro machine for her.

    The little sewing nook is so cute!

    1. I think this would be perfect for them! The full size machines can be a little too intimidating for a child and this machine does just fine for all of your basics. Once they start wanting to do buttonholes and more advanced projects they’ll need a full size machine but I think this one is an excellent starting point

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