The Baby Bump…

…and your chance at a FREE pattern 🙂

I’m down to the final weeks and feeling pretty much the way I look…like a swallowed a basketball
baby bump

While I very eagerly await the arrival of our little bundle of joy I’m going to let all of you in on the fun! Everyone who guesses the gender AND the arrival date of baby #3 correctly gets a FREE pattern! Yup no limit on the number of winners. 1 guess/person please

My official due date is March 27th. It was originally the 16th and it got moved back so I’m going with somewhere in-between 🙂

Make Your Guess Here

Good luck!

99 Responses

  1. Woh, mama that sure is a bump! Exciting! Looks like a boy in there, who’s going to say hello on March 18, that’s my guess!

  2. I’m going with a boy and born 13 March so he can share his birthday with mine. Good luck with it all.

  3. Oh, i an going to say girl, and March 20th, The first day of spring. But not gonna lie the 16th is a new moon crazy, things happen with new and full moons

  4. It would be nice if a boy arrives the 19th of March, here in Italy we celebrate Holy Joseph as the Dad day.
    My second baby, a girl, was born on Mom’s day four years ago ^_^

  5. No way to predict. Sorry. Just can’t make an educated guess. Trained and certified doula and childbirth educator here. Due dates are usually arbitrary. Most modern docs intervene with inductions or some sort of tampering with the process before one can actually reach a due date and give birth to a baby in a normal way (e.g. without surgery, IVs, monitors, induction, being taken off fluids and/or any nourishment (food), and so on. Thus I will guess that if you can hang tough, you may stand a chance of getting to the “new due date.” By the way, if they are doing any sort of “x-ray pelvimitry” or even ultrasound to do estimates on gestation and/or weight, just read up on evidence-based care before you buy into it 100%. I DO very much hope you are guarded by angels from all obstetrical harm, and perhaps, if you are really fortunate, that you will have the blessings also of a certified nurse midwife. I’ve got a feeling this may not be your first, so you probably have the whole deal lined up already. 🙂

  6. Those last weeks can be so tough! You look great. I’m going with March 14 and a boy. I’ve been anywhere from 5 days early to 2 days late, myself, so whatever happens for you this time around, I hope everything goes well!

  7. I say a girl on March 16. No matter what it is or when, I’m sure that you will feel like the luckiest mommy in the world!!!

  8. So exciting Amy. As a Nawny many times my sister and I have a method to predict sex of baby. Is the hair on your legs growing faster than normal?? 😉

    1. Haha that’s one I haven’t heard before! Maybe if I’d been shaving regularly I would’ve noticed 😉 Thank goodness it’s winter because that’s a hard job at 9 months pregnant!

      1. Haha yes it is. So far we have got all the Grandbabies and nieces and nephews guessed. Think it is related to the boy hormones.

    2. LOL! I swear my hair grew so much more slowly with my boy! I felt like I never had to shave! It was glorious 🙂

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