Sew Along Day 2: Bodysuit with T-Shirt Neckline

 Welcome to Day 2 of the Sew Along!

If you’re just joining us make sure you check out Day 1 for the full schedule, how to participate, etc.

Bodysuit Sew Along

Today we’re going over how to do a bodysuit with a t-shirt neckline. It’s a nice touch for the bigger kids and it’s actually easier to sew than the original 🙂

Ringer Tee Bodysuit

At least my little dude seems to like it! Or maybe it’s just the construction fabric 🙂

First we need to tweak the pattern for the new neckline. Just fold between the notch and the little dot marking. This will give you a nice angled shoulder.

Now when you cut your pieces make sure you add a seam allowance (I did 1/4″) at each shoulder

Next sew the front and back together with right sides together. Now don’t miss this super important step! Try it on over your kiddo’s head. If it seems snug then trim the neckline so it’s a bit wider. For a 2t on my round-noggin little boy I was fine with it as-is but younger babies do have much larger heads compared to their overall body size so you might need to adjust.

Cut your neckline piece to 1.5″ wide by 85% of the neck opening measurement. Sew it into a loop and try this piece on over the head as well. It really is much easier to check now 🙂 Fold your binding so the long edges are together and then sew both raw edges to the neckline. Flip the binding up, press flat and topstitch in place with a zig-zag or double needle. If you need more detailed instructions you might want to grab a copy of the Classic Ringer Tee Pattern to walk you through it.

And that’s it! Super simple modification to get a whole new look 🙂

Come back tomorrow for the dress variation!

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