Toy Princess Castle

To go along with the Princess Peg Dolls from my mom my husband and I made a princess castle for them to live in.
princess castle
The castle is made from MDF with a beadboard backing. The turrets are fence post toppers and then he finished it off with a little trim
Just for me he even added rounded windows
 I painted the castle and then furnished it with vintage little people furniture I bought on eBay. It can be pricey so be prepared to watch for a good lot for a couple weeks. The furniture is a perfect fit for the 2.5″ peg dolls
A romantic roof top date 🙂
 The bedroom complete with bunk beds. Sleeping Beauty spends a lot of time there!
 Our furniture came with a baby so the princesses were kind enough to adopt it
 They also adopted the dog who likes to hang out in the kitchen
 Anne’s favorite piece of furniture is definitely the toilet. They all take lots of turns going potty
 They also fit well in the cars so they can ride off on adventures!
If you missed Monday’s post go check out all the details on the Princess Peg Dolls

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