Princess Peg Dolls

Last year my mom made Anne these darling princess and prince peg dolls for Christmas. They have been very well loved over the last year πŸ™‚
To make these all you need is plain peg dolls (Find them at the craft store or online. Our set is 2.5″ dolls), paint, small wood beads, and a bit of stick-on bling. A very fine paint brush is also helpful. I am horrible with paint so I was so glad when my mom volunteered to do them! She found it easiest to go assembly line style and do all of the skin first, let it dry and then go back and add details to each one. The hair buns are little beads secured with wood glue
From left to right we have:
Belle, Rapunzel, Prince Eric, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Charming and Tiana
Mug shots πŸ™‚
Β And from the back
These have been loved and played with for a year and so far all of the little jewels have stayed on fine and we’ve only lost 1 hair bun which has stayed put since I glued it back on.
Come back on Wednesday to see where they live πŸ™‚
***These do pose a choking hazard and I recommend them for ages 3 and up with parental supervision. I store our set up high when not in use to keep them out of Will’s reach

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