#1 Free Christmas Stocking Pattern


Can you believe it’s almost December already?! Today I have a tutorial and FREE Christmas stocking pattern to share with you. It’s time to deck those halls!


FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern


I want these to last a long time so I went with a very traditional design and fabrics and I went ahead and made 8 🙂 I want to have enough for our growing family plus some extras for holiday visitors or family pets. Better to make them all now and have them coordinate 🙂


All of my materials for the FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern were generously provided by The Ribbon Retreat. They have a great selection of Christmas fabrics and since they are all designer prints it’s super easy to come up with a set that coordinates well. 
For each stocking you need:


    • 2/3 yard in your main fabric (this will be enough for 2 stockings): I used prints from the Moda Aspen Frost line
    • 2/3 yard in your lining fabric (this will be enough for 2 stockings): I used muslin
    • 1 FQ for the cuff fabrics (1 FQ will be enough for 2 stockings): I used the Icy Tonal White from the same line
    • Ribbon for Hanging: I used Velvet in Scarlet Red


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One page will print out portrait and the other page is landscape. Make sure you print at 100% and just tape the pieces together along the page edges. If your printer clips a bit off just draw it in. Don’t overlap the pages at all
Use a 1/4″ seam allowance on all seams
If you are adding interfacing add it to the wrong side of the main stocking pieces before you begin. 
*Update (11/29/18)- An error has been found in this pattern. Either use a 1/2″ seam allowance for the stocking (but not the cuff) or use a 1/4″ seam allowance for everything and cut the cuff pieces to 15.5″ wide by 9″ tall. 

FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern Steps

1. Cut your cuff pieces to 14.5″ wide by 9″ tall. Fold in half with right sides together (RST) and the 9″ edges lined up. Sew the 9″ edges together forming a tube.


2. Bring the bottom edge of the cuff up so the tube is double thickness and the seam from step 1 is fully enclosed.


3. With RST sew the left and right stocking pieces together leaving the top edge open. Trim your seam making sure to clip into the seam allowance along the inside curve so it will lay well when turned. Turn right side out and press flat.


4. With RST sew the 2 lining pieces together leaving the top edge open and a 3″ gap along the bottom straight edge.


5. Slide the cuff over the stocking with all of the raw edges lined up along the top and the seam in the cuff at the back (heel edge) of the stocking. Cut a loop of ribbon (mine were 7″) and tack down both ends of the ribbon along the back seam.

I just held everything else in place as I worked but you can baste along the entire top edge if you’d like.


6. Slide the stocking lining over everything with RST and sew around the entire top edge.


7. Turn the stocking right side out through the gap you left in the lining.


8. Tuck the raw edges of the lining inside and sew the gap shut. I just topstitched with my machine but for an invisible finish you could hand sew it shut.


9. Tuck the lining inside the stocking and press flat


I hope you enjoyed our FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern but you may need more to get ready for Christmas this year. Some of our other popular Christmas tutorials include our Christmas Braided Wreath and our FREE Christmas tree skirt tutorial.

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  1. do you have a video making this stocking? I am a beginner and I don’t want to mess up lol I am a visual learner and more hands on!

  2. I am looking to purchase some of your peak a boo mouse heads and would love to browse your catalog for other great items.
    Please send to
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