Classic Footed PJs Sew Along Day 1

Welcome to the Classic Footed PJs Sew Along!
Are you ready to sew up some pjs?! I used this as the perfect excuse to make my kiddos Christmas PJs. I want them to be a surprise so no modeled photos yet but here they are 🙂
If you haven’t yet make sure you go get your Classic Footed PJs Pattern so you can join in the fun!
It has recently been updated to include more sizes and options and an improved fit. If you didn’t get the update yet email a receipt to “peekaboopatternshop(at)gmail(dot)com” and I’ll get you the free update.
Choosing Your Size
First you’ll want to take a look at the size chart and do a little measuring. If your child has a pair of footed pjs that fit well I recommend measuring them to check sizing. Otherwise you can double check against their body. The most important issue is the overall length. You will also want to check the torso length to see if the crotch will hit at the right spot on your child. If you flip to page 3 of your pattern you can read more about sizing and how to adjust to get the perfect fit
Choosing Your Fabric and Supplies
The Classic Footed PJs are designed for fabrics with a bit of stretch. My favorite choices for the body of the PJs are fleece and interlock. You can use jersey but it tends to be a bit thinner and less stretchy. You can use fleece for the accent fabric (I did) but rib knit or interlock will give a bit better finished results.
If you want to use fleece I highly recommend using anti-pill as it will hold up better. I used a no-sew fleece throw kit from Jo-Anns and was just barely able to get a 2t and 4t pair out of the main fabric. I used the contrast for my accent fabric and the feet.
You have 2 options for the zipper either a full zipper that goes down the leg or a 1/2 zip that only goes down the chest. For older kids I highly recommend doing the 1/2 zip because it will be much easier to find a zipper in the length and color you want. If you are doing the full zipper in a larger size Zipper Stop is a good online source for long zippers in a wide variety of colors.
For the bottom of the feet you will want some non-slip fabric. You can find it pre-packaged on the notions wall or buy it by the yard in the utility fabrics section. Alternatively you can use puff paint on the bottom of the feet. For the baby sizes you can omit this.
Pj Gripper Fabric, , hi-res
Cutting Your Fabric
Print out your pattern at 100% using the chart on page 3 to only print the pages you need for your size. Tape everything together along the dashed lines and then it’s time to cut! Everything should be cut so the stretchiest direction of the fabric is going around the child’s body as indicated by the arrows on your pattern.
If you are doing the full zipper option you will cut a left and a right front piece and 1 back cut on the fold (as shown in green). If you are doing a 1/2 zip both the front and the back are cut on the fold (as shown in red). Along the neckline use the dashed lines to cut the front neckline and the solid neckline in back. Use the dotted lines along the hem to cut out the foot cut-out for the front pieces.
Come back tomorrow and we’ll start sewing!

7 Responses

  1. None of the links for the pattern work! I’ve been scouring the internet for hours & this was the only site that sounded like it would work for what I need! 😤

  2. I cannot find the pattern, even on the new link given. I really want my little girl to have her own as she is very tall and the size shewears nowis too short.

  3. My son so badly wants to have footed pjs and I cannot find them anywhere so I need to make some myself. Your pattern is giving me an error page. Is it my problem or your pattern is not available anymore?

    1. I’m getting the same thing. I’m trying to make my grandbaby some. She won’t wear anything else but footed PJs

  4. Hi Peekaboo shop,
    I am making some footed PJ pants I was wondering what kind of fabric is cozy easy to use and is affordable?
    how much fabric do I need for footed pajamas?
    I am an adult teen.
    I am in a clothing class in school.
    Alissa White

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