Skinny Jeans Sew Along Day 3: Waistband and Finishing Up

Time for Day 3 of the Skinny Jeans Sew Along!

Need to play catch-up?
Today we’re going to finish up 🙂
When you’re done make sure you join the facebook group if you haven’t already and then upload a finished photo to the Skinny Jeans Album
3 Lucky winners will get Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Gift Cards!
You have until Saturday morning to finish up 🙂
Now let’s get sewing!
Sew up through step 19 and make any adjustments to the fit.
Before we move on here’s one more detail I added to my jeans this time around. For extra reinforcement I topstitched the seam allowances to the back of the jeans starting at the top and stopping just back the pocket. If you look at a pair of storebought jeans most of them have this feature.
The waistband with the zip fly is sewn on just like the faux fly tutorial I ended up using the same length as called for in the pattern but depending on the size of your fly shield you may need to adjust slightly
After finishing your short edges one long edge is sewn to the top of the pants. On the underside of the fly the waistband will end right along the folded edge of the waistband
And on the upper side it goes right along the top of the fly
For Anne’s pair I went with the adjustable elastic waistband. I always just use regular knit elastic and then snip in my own little buttonholes. It’s easier than trying to track down buttonhole elastic
Finish up the waistband, belt loops and hem and you’re done!
 Now throw them on a happy kiddo and let them strut their stuff 🙂
Anne is wearing the 4t and she’s a bit in-between sizes right now so she still has some growing room. I’m hoping we’ll get 2 years use out of these 🙂
Thanks for sewing along with me!

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  1. I am so behind, but at least I got them cut out tonight, and I am up cycling, so the pocket work and belt loop details are done for me ;o). Hope I can catch up tomorrow, and at the very least have them done by Saturday . Fingers crossed that I picked the right size and modifications for my little man! Thanks for the awesome sew along Amy

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