Skinny Jeans Sew Along Day 2: Zip Fly Tutorial and Pockets

It’s Day 2 of the Skinny Jeans Sew Along!
If you missed Day 1 you can catch up here 
Today we’re going to get the front and back pieces ready for assembly and go over the zip fly addition. We’ll pick up on step 16 tomorrow
One change I made was to the back pockets this time around. I folded over 1/4″ just like in the pattern and then folded 3/8″ so right sides are together. Sew in place across the folded section and trim the seam allowances. Flip the corners right side out and then you have nice finished edges. If you want to add something fun to the back pockets now is the time to do it 🙂
 Now let’s learn how to add a zip fly to our faux fly pants pattern
You should already have your fly shield cut out from Day 1
1. Finish the seam allowance on your front pieces and with right sides together sew the 2 fly shield pieces together along the curved edge. Turn the fly shield right side out, press flat and set aside
2. With right sides together sew the left and right front piece together starting at the inseam and following the curve of the crotch. When you reach the start of the fly back stitch and then switch to a basting stitch. Make a snip into your seam allowance at the base of the fly
3. Open up the fly and press flat. Topstitch in place just to the left of the seam line.
4. Lay your zipper on top of the fly with the top stop 5/8″ below the raw edge. If you need to shorten your zipper just whipstitch across the chain and then snip off the excess.
 5. Position the teeth of the zipper just to the right of seam line. Extend the fly piece and sew the zipper in place just to the right of the teeth
*I accidentally moved my zipper up a bit too high. Make sure your zipper stop is still 5/8″ below the raw edge
6. Flip the zipper over and topstitch to the fly piece.
*Again ignore how high-up my zipper is. I fixed it later
7. Extend the other side of the fly and sew the other side of the zipper in place making sure everything is laying smoothly.
8. Flatten out the front of your jeans and topstitch along the curve of the fly
9. Lay the fly shield over the finished fly with the straight edge lined up with the raw edge of the zipper. Trim off the excess fly shield and sew together. Tack the fly shield in place at the bottom and halfway up.
10. Unpick the basting stitches and admire your finished zip fly!
Now finish up your front pockets
And your back pockets and you’re ready for tomorrow!

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