DIY Beast Costume: Free Tutorial Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

DIY Beast Costume

This year for Halloween my kids’ costumes are inspired by Beauty and the Beast and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out 🙂 Check out this DIY Beast Costume Tutorial and PDF Sewing Pattern to Make Your Little Man Into a Little Beast!

On Monday I shared the Free pattern/tutorial for Belle and today I’m sharing beast costume pattern. Watch out…he has a bit of a temper 🙂

As much as I love that little face from the front, the back view is equally hilarious 🙂 Anne was the creative director for this project and she made sure I didn’t forget his ponytail and blue bow.
Ready to make your own little Beast?!
Beast’s outfit has a lot of elements so we’ll just take it one at a time…
The coat is the most involved element so we’ll start there.
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I used 1/2″ seam allowances
The jacket has fun gold trim, the classic shawl collar and cute as can be coat tails 🙂
For my jacket in an 18 mos. I used around 1/2 yard of blue costume silk and scraps from Belle’s dress for the collar.
The pattern is an 18 mos. but if you need a different size here’s what I did:
I started with the Little Gentleman Suit Jacket and then just started trimming away 🙂 Take out the back seam allowance since you will be cutting on the fold and omitting the back vent. I shortened up the side seams so they’d end right at the waist and then added tails in the back and an angled front. The Beast’s jacket doesn’t overlap in front (it’s just open) so I trimmed the front down too and added a curve to the neckline. Hopefully that will give you a good starting point.

DIY Beast Costume Instructions

 1. For the sleeve trim I cut a strip of yellow, folded the edges under and topstitched in place about 2″ up from the sleeve hem.
2. Sew the front and back of the jacket together at the shoulder seams with right sides together (RST)
3. With RST sew the sleeves into the arm openings
4. With RST sew up the sleeve inseam and side seam in one continuous seam
5. With RST sew the 2 collar pieces together along the outer curved edge
6. Turn the collar right side out and topstitch along the outside edge
7. Baste the collar to the neckline (it will extend down the front edges). If you’d like trim baste it in place around the remaining outside edge. Make sure it overlaps with the collar some and the raw edges curve off the edge
 8. With RST sew the facing pieces together at the shoulder seams and side seams (sorry no photo)
9. With RST sew the facing to the jacket along the outside edge. Clip the corners and along the neckline
10. Flip the facing inside the jacket and topstitch around the entire outside edge. And that’s it! Really not too bad right? 🙂
The Beast also wears a yellow vest but I didn’t find that too essential and left it out. If you’d like to sew one the Little Gentleman Vest would work well for that. It includes pants too if you need those to finish up the costume 🙂
The other defining feature of his outfit is the cravate. The lovely “neck ruffle” as I call it 🙂
I spent about 2 minutes on this so it’s a very easy addition. I cut a long rectangle from white knit and a super skinny one for the tie.
Lay the tie on top of the bigger rectangle
Then wrap the rectangle around the tie and bunch it up around the middle. I made a few pleats and secured with a needle and thread and then added a blue button. Super easy!
He wears a collared shirt with his costume so I just tie it on but you could do velcro instead if that works better for you
For his furry little head I used the Snow Day Hat and Mittens Pattern  with the ear flap option. I added in the ears/horns before sewing the 2 halves of the hat together. If you need help with the ears the Big, Bad, Wolf tutorial from last year might be helpful 🙂
I added in the “ponytail” before attaching the top of the hat to the hat band. The hat is lined in brown fleece along the ear flap to keep it snuggly warm and itch-free. The outside is faux fur. 
To finish up the furry portion of the outfit I made some little mittens. I didn’t even bother with thumbs since they’re so thick. They are also lined in fleece to keep them from being itchy and I slipped in some little fingernails made from felt before sewing the front and back of the fur layers together. Once I had a fleece mitten and fur mitten I just slide the 2 together with wrong sides together, added a little casing at the wrist for the elastic and topstitched the bottom edges closed.
The slippers are just a basic slipper but made in fur and with little toenails. I think they might be my favorite part 🙂 If you’ve never made slippers and need help with the basic process the Duck Slippers might be a good starting point
The tail is just a simple tube with a bit of fluff. I topstitch the end shut and then sewed it to a loop of elastic to slip over his waist.
His pants are just black so you might already have some or you could grab a pair at the store. Will needed new church duds anyway so I sewed up some Classic Chinos for him in black corduroy.
I snuck in a little fleece lining for extra warmth. And I couldn’t resist including the little welt pockets on the bum 🙂
 There you have the DIY Beast Costume. Happy Costume Sewing!!

17 Responses

  1. I am making this for my 18-month old son and am following your modified pattern. Thank you so much for this! I know this is an old post, but hoping you will get a little notification and can answer my question.

    Is the 1/2″ seam allowance included in the pattern?

    When cutting out the pieces last night, I left 1/2″ more, just in case it was not included. I figured I could put together quickly and try it on and adjust smaller, if needed. No easy way to make it larger though.

    Of course, if an answer to my question is provided, then I wont have to worry about adjusting (I hope!).

    Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’m so in love with my little Beast and he looks so cute with his sister in her Belle dress. 🙂

  3. Hi Amy my son is 18 months old, I didn’t know if you or any of your friends could make this for me. I’m horrible at sewing and this is sooo cute!!!!

  4. Hi – this beast coat is adorable!! i want to do the same thing for halloween this year. I see that you made it a size 18 months – that is what i will need for my son. are you interested in selling yours at all or would you consider making another for me to purchase? I have no sewing experience whatsoever and thought I would ask you. ;Thanks.

  5. I love, love, LOVE this! I made a Belle dress for my little girl as well and am now trying to convince my 7 year old boy to let me make him a Beast costume! 🙂

  6. Wow! You’re an awesome mommy to them. Would love to try this out on my kiddos. Looks so fun! Is there a Luminaire and Mrs. Pot to go along w/the story?

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