Candy Corn Shadowbox Tutorial

I love fall and this fun candy corn shadowbox is the perfect way to wrap up all the goodness of the season and bring it right into your home 🙂
Not to mention those tasty little candy corns are now well protected from any little hands! And considering what they’re made of I think they will display well for quite sometime 🙂
Over the next few months I’m participating in the Jo-Ann Celebrate the Season campaign which I’m super excited about it! Make sure you stop by the Celebrate the Season page for more fun projects from your favorite bloggers!
I do almost all of my shopping there anyway so I always love teaming up with them! I was provided with a gift card to purchase supplies for this post and I was able to find everything I needed including the candy corn 🙂
  • 12×12″ scrapbook paper with a spooky theme. Woods, haunted house, etc.
  • Vinyl
  • Shadowbox frame
  • Candy Corn
I used an 8×10″ frame so the first thing I did was decide which portion of my paper to use and trim it to size. Glue/tape to the frame backing to create the backdrop for your spooky scene
Next decide on an image. I started with some free clipart and then added my own touches in photoshop to come up with this group of trick or treaters. You could use this same image, a haunted house, flying witch, just text (trick or treat, etc.)… so many fun possibilities!
I cut the image out with my cricut
 Then I applied it to the glass a couple inches up from the bottom so the kids could be walking on top of the candy. I applied it to the inside of the glass but you could also put it on the outside.
 Pour in a bit of candy corn. At this point I just did a thin layer and then adjusted as needed once the backing was on
Pop the back onto the frame and you’re done!
Hope you have as much fun with this as I did! And don’t tell my kids but I most definitely ate all the leftover candy corn 🙂

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