Oh the Places You’ll Go Sign

Today we’re wrapping up the play room tour! Make sure you check out the previous two posts:
Dr. Seuss Play Room
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Today I have a super fun typography project to share with you!

To start with I painted my entire board white. Then I used my cricut and the font “Doctor Soos” to cut out my quote. After adding the letters I painted the whole board red. After letting it dry I peeled the lettering off to reveal my “hand painted” Dr. Seuss sign!
It hangs right by the alphabet set and above the bookshelves to tie the whole room together
I also hung up our Family Rules (tutorial here) as a nice reminder to everyone 🙂
To finish off the room we have the kids play table, the rocking chair and a toy kitchen
 Since we’re using a bedroom as a play room it has a closet! Seriously the best thing ever 🙂 We hang all the dress ups on the lower bar and I keep all of the toys that Will isn’t allowed into yet on the upper shelves. It really helps cut down on the clutter in hthe room
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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