Hangout Hoodie Sew Along Day 1

Welcome to the Hangout Hoodie Sew Along!

If you haven’t grabbed your pattern yet you can get a copy here
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Day 1: Picking Fabric, Choosing a Size, Printing and Cutting
The Hangout Hoodie is a knits only pattern. Since it is an outfit rather than a coat you’ll want something light-midweight such as jersey, interlock or waffle knit. On Page 2 you’ll find the yardage needed for your size along with the full materials list.
This time I’m using this Navy/Mint stripe jersey from Girl Charlee with grey rib knit trim
Navy Blue and Deep Mint Stripe Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric
If you love the grey argyle in the cover photo I just noticed that it’s back in stock 🙂
Along with Girl Charlee some other good online sources for knits are The Fabric Fairy , Funkalicious Fabrics, Purple Seamstress, Banberry Place, and
If you have a favorite I didn’t list feel free to leave a link in the comments. We’d all love to check it out!
Choosing Your Size:
First let’s decide what size to make. Moving on to Page 3 you’ll find a helpful section for choosing the right size. Remember this is a fitted outfit not a coat. Will is 16 mos. and I went with the 2t so he’d have some growing/layering room. He also has a bit of a belly 🙂 When in doubt I always recommend going up a size.
Printing Your Pattern:
Make sure you print out at 100% with no scaling and then check the 1″ scale box to make sure you printed the pattern correctly. You need pages 8-16 for a dress and 12-18 for the top.
When I tape my pieces together I like to cut one edge on the dashed line and then leave some paper hanging off the corresponding piece (see the sleeve…). Then I can overlap and tape a bit easier.
Cutting Your Pieces
 To save you some paper/ink the front and back piece are the same. You need to cut the back piece first. If you’ll be matching stripes later it helps to have the bottom edge flush with the bottom edge of a stripe. Remember we’re cutting on the fold
 Now trim your pattern piece on the dotted line to create the front pattern piece. The front is also cut on the fold.
To match stripes on the hood I like to cut the left and right at the same time by folding my fabric in half. You aren’t cutting it on the fold though…see the little edge I left?
 Don’t forget the hood binding and sleeve cuffs. Measurements are in your cutting chart 🙂 The stretch should go across the width of the piece.
 All cut and ready to go!
Come back tomorrow for the hood and hood binding 🙂

6 Responses

  1. I’m sewing along too. I’m making a size 3T and size 5, dress-style. These will be for my daughters.

    Thanks for having a sew along!!!


  2. Just got the pattern cut out, fabric purchased – making 1 girl 4T and 1 guy 4T. Really excited about this.

    I printed out two of the body pieces so I would have a “front” and “back”. That way when one of my helpers cut out a “Hangout Hoodie”, they won’t cut both front and back alike!! And I speak from experience with that!!

    Looking forward to my first sew along with Amy!!

    LeeAnne’s Creations

  3. I am so excited!!! I will be making a boys 3T, size 5 Dress, Boys size 6 and size 8 Dress(possibly a top only, depends on if i have enough fabric)!! Cant wait to get them all done!!

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