Win a Cruise for your Family!

I love cruises!

Hands down the best family vacation you can ever go on!

I’ve been lucky enough to go on a lot of cruises with my family and they are some of my favorite memories! Our cruise line of choice is Norwegian Cruise Line and we’ve sailed with them to Europe (twice), Alaska (three times), the Caribbean (three times), and Mexico.

See…really wasn’t exaggerating when I told you we like cruises 🙂

And my husband and I just got back (2 days ago!) from a cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky. We were celebrating our 5-year anniversary and my husband’s graduation from law school. One of the most relaxing vacations ever!

Why cruise?

It’s a great way to see a lot of places without all of the hassle! You only unpack once and aren’t stuck hauling suitcases everywhere! When we went to Europe we were able to see so many different countries without dealing with our luggage, trains, language barriers, etc.

Not to mention the awesome scenery on your days at sea!

And the food is AMAZING! All you can eat and absolutely delicious. One of our favorite things about Norwegian is they have freestyle dining so you can eat whenever you’d like. Many cruise lines assign you a dining time which leaves you with a lot less flexibility which can be especially hard with little kids. 

Norwegian also has pretty casual dress standards with 1 or 2 formal nights where you can dress up and make a night of it. Of course you also have casual buffet style dining available anytime. Each ship has a lot of dining options to choose from. 

Not only do you see amazing things in each port but there is also a ton of fun activities on the ship. We love having days at sea!

All of the ships have several pools, hot tubs, nightly entertainment (music, jugglers, comedians, etc.), fun daytime events (scavenger hunts, free throw contests, fitness classes, etc.) and some of the ships have fun extras like rock climbing!

Have little ones?
Don’t worry… Norwegian has you covered!

After reading about all of their amazing youth programs, I am definitely seeing a cruise with the kiddos in our future! They have a ton of fun and free activities planned and you can drop your kiddos off while you relax for a bit. Their awesome counselors will make sure your kids’ have the best vacation ever!
Splash Academy has lots of fun for the little ones and Entourage has fun activities for the teens including their own pool party, sporting events and a teen center!
New this year is Cirque Du Jour where your kids can practice their circus skills! 
Other activities include sports, arts and crafts, age appropriate Wii and on some ships you may even run into your favorite Nickelodeon characters!

For more information about Norwegian’s family vacation experience, click here.

Want to win a cruise voucher for a family of four?!
Tell me: What is your dream vacation for your family?

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161 Responses

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  2. Since mom has some mobility issues a cruise would be great! We’d love to go to the South Pacific or the Mediterranean.

  3. My sister Has taken her family nd so many cruises I lost count. I just l to take our family and three on one cruise. Your Bahamas most anywhere sounds great

  4. Taking any vacation as a full family is my dream. We haven’t had the funds to go on a family vacation, so ANY vacation together would be a dream come true! A cruise would be SO fun! And it would also be convenient because we wouldn’t have to worry about traveling around with the kids to see the sights, the ship does it for you! Having all the major parts taken care of- food, entertainment, transport- means that I get to sit back and relax, now THATS a dream vacation 😉

  5. My dream vacation is to one day take all of our kids on a house boat to Lake Powell. And not just any house boat, a BIG house boat! One we can share with other family members and just enjoy spending time together making memories.

  6. A dream vacation would be to visit Australia. I went on a cruise as a teen and had the best time. I still talk about it 20 years later!

  7. We took a Norwegian cruise for our honeymoon four years ago and have been looking forward to doing it again! Of course, with two littles, finances are a bit tighter these days…

  8. We would love to go to Disney world! Two times in my life plans for that trip have fallen through. Once the day of and the other two weeks before. (All reasons were out of my hands. The first I was 6 or 7)Thank you!!!

  9. Since my son, who was a very clingy and barely slept for the first two years of his life, was born four years ago we haven’t really gone on a proper family vacation, and my husband and I rarely have ‘alone’ time. Now that my son is 4-1/2, doing well at school, and a much better traveler our dream vacation would be to go anywhere warm (Bermuda, Bahamas, all sounds good!) and spend some quality time with the family (without having to worry about cooking or cleaning) and having some time for a little grown up fun too 😉


  10. I look for fun for the whole family. A relaxing environment for my husband and I, and plenty of fun activities for my son.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Before my husband and I got married we were talking about things we would like to do and both of us said, almost at the same time, “Alaskan cruise.” If we won, who would we take with us…that would be the tough decision.

  12. now that our family is just my husband and i….we would love to be able to take a long driving trip out west…he has never been west of alabama…..we would either take an rv or go on our motorcycle….our biggest obstacle is that we own our own businesses….it’s really hard to be gone!

  13. I would love to take my daughter on a Disney or Europe vacation. Something I’d never be able to afford being a single mama. I’d love to win this wonderful trip.

  14. Our dream vacation would be one that we don’t have to stay with family, which is the only way that we can afford a vacation right now. We also love being outside and enjoy being with each other. My kids have never seen the ocean so I would love to go on a cruise with my family!!!

  15. Our dream vacation would be A fun, exciting experience with travel to lots of places, amazing sunshine and there has to be an ocean and beach!

  16. Our dream vacation would be A fun, exciting experience with travel to lots of places, amazing sunshine and there has to be an ocean and beach!

  17. My Husband and I have been dreaming of an Alaskian cruise every since we were married. For a family dream though I might go carribean:)

  18. My husband & kids and I would really enjoy a trip like this just to get away from the same old same old ritual. My kids don’t get to see Daddy as much as I’d like them to due to him working all of the time, so it would be a wonderful experience for us if we could win this cruise.

  19. I think, like many others, Disney would be a great family vacation. Especially since my kids, ages 4,3 and 1 all love the characters and would LOVE seeing them in person.

  20. My husband and I have been on one cruise to Mexico and he would love to go back but I would love to go to Europe! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go see

  21. Not to be a copy cat, but Cruises! We go every year, and take the kids every OTHER year. It’s a good way to show them new places and different cultures without having to rent a car or change hotels.

  22. I would love to take my family to Disney World – a little cliche maybe, but I know they would love it. (If I won this cruise though I am in so much need of a vacation for just me and the hubby!)

  23. I’d love to go on a family cruise with my husband and daughter. Actually spend some care free time together just having fun, it would be awesome! Maybe to Alaska, always wanted to go there.

  24. My dream vacation would be to go on a cruise with my family to Bermuda. We’ve wanted to do this for awhile now. Thanks so much.

  25. My dream vacation with my husband and family would be traveling around Europe. There are so many places that we want to see – Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany. I could go on and on. There is just so much history over there and so many beautiful places to see.

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com.

  26. My dream family vacation would definitely be taking my daughter to Disney for the first time, but a vacation for just the husband and me would have to be Europe! Never thought about a cruise until I read this and what a great way to see several countries at once.

  27. Since I reas a book (young adult) about sisters traveling to Alaska,
    I wished that dream would come true for me too. Thats about 20 years now.
    Still not have been to Alaska.
    Another big dream: Hawai’i.
    We live so close now (San Fran), but still, for a family, it’s far, far away….

    So either Alaska or Hawai’i.

    Or Mexico.

    But I think I would stick with Hawai’i or Alaska.

    keep my fingers crossed.

  28. We spent twelve hours in Hawaii a few years ago, and I’d love to spend more time there. Wandering around Europe would be fun, and I’d love to cruise the Caribbean. Maybe it would be easier to list the places I don’t want to go…

  29. My dream vacation would be to take the family on a cruise in Europe. I have never been out of the country and my husband never tires of telling me how much I would love it!

  30. Ever since our honeymoon in Europe, my husband and I have been planning a return trip with the kids to visit as many different castles as we can find!

  31. Our dream vacation would be Japan, for the husband, or somewhere in Europe, for me. I love history, and would love to see a piece of Europe – castles, the tower of london, the parthenon, really just some good history and pretty buildings! I’ve never been on a cruise, so that would be fantastic fun!!!

  32. Our dream vacation would be to visit Europe with all of our kids and having a ship to return to would give us “home base”. We took many cruises when we were a family of 3, but with the adoption of our 3 youngest we have been land locked for our family vacations. I do agree that cruises are a great way to keep everyone entertained and especially appeal to families like ours with a wide age range (oldest 13 years, youngest 5 years).

  33. My husband has never been on a cruise so we would love to go on a cruise together! We would love to do a European cruise or one around the Hawaiian Islands!

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