Gifts for Twins

A few months ago my sister had me make baby gifts for her friend having twins; a boy and a girl. So much fun!! I dressed up some plain onesies and then made a quick pair of pants and skirt to match.
For the girl onesie I did a faux necklace with fabric paint and a pencil eraser. It was so easy and I’ll definitely be doing this again
For the boy onesie I appliqued on a coordinating tie
Nothing novel, but still lots of fun 🙂

3 Responses

  1. sooo cute! I’ve started doin baby boy onesies to expand on my clientele since i do 90% girl stuff and the boy onesies i’m doing are making a big hit! i’ve done one w/ a faux vest and tie and i’m doing another w/ a faux tie and suspenders 🙂

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