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Hello Naptime Crafter readers!
I’m Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog and I want to share my Dressing Up Dolly Post with you today!
I love sewing with vintage patterns and have quite a few vintage Barbie patterns. 
read on to see how my daughter sewed a 1961 Barbie pattern from silk taffeta!
Here is Miss Barbie in her silk taffeta evening gown made by Miss Lily and yours truly….  The fisheye darts and tiny pleats were a challenge for her but a big learning experience ! If you are trying to teach your kids to sew this is a great type of project.
Just be prepared to help out a lot with the tiny seams!
The pattern came from this little nifty book we bought at the flea market. Lily collects vintage toys and especially anything by Barbie if she finds a good deal! This little book came inside the box for her Sew Handy 1961 child’s sewing machine.
She found this machine on one of our semi monthly jaunts to the Rose Bowl Flea Market where I can say I have hoarded bought many vintage sewing supplies.

We traced off the pattern so we didn’t have to cut up the booklet.
As you can see, vintage Barbie patterns are very sophisticated!
 This pattern tracing material is really a lifesaver. I use this traceable pattern material a lot. You can even sew through it. It’s available at Nancy’s Notions.
Slow down there Barbie! 
Barbie’s not about to let Ken behind the wheel of her treasured Corvette. She may look old-fashioned but she’s very modern.
This is actually Lily’s vintage Barbie corvette which she bought at the Ventura Flea Market, another market we like to go to. She bargained them down to four dollars! 
Thanks for having me Amy!
Happy dolly sewing!
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Thanks so much for stopping by Justine and Lily! 


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2 Responses

  1. I actually have that little booklet as well as some Barbie patterns from the sixties. My grandmothers taught me to sew and knit and I made lots of clothes for my sisters’ and my Barbies back in the day! Then clothes for my daughter’s Barbies and in a few years, I’ll probably be making clothes for my new granddaughter’s Barbies!

  2. Almost brought me to tears. I am the youngest in my famly and my sister used to make me barbie clothes all the time. One particular gown was white, with a red belt and blue attached cape type thing. I just loved it, loved her, loved my Barbies.

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