Paper Doll Printables w/ The Sunny Side

Today’s special guest is Ledys from The Sunny Side!

Hi! I am beyond thrilled to be here at Nap Time Crafters. Amy is so full of great ideas! And the Dress-up Dolly series has been fantastic. Thanks, everyone, for such awesome inspiration! We are going to dress paper dolls today. My daughters began playing with paper dolls one day when there was only one toy they both wanted and neither of them wanted to share. So, I thought of drawing them one to break up the argument; little did I know that that would start a paper character obsession! I will walk you through making a simple game of mixing up clothes on dolls. Have you ever seen one of those books with flaps that you lift to make new outfits? This is the 3D version of it. 

 1. First, you will need a container. One of those big tubs of icing (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, etc) from the baking section is the perfect size (but it has to be the tall one). A container of wipes would do the trick as well.

 Wash it well, then cover it up using your favorite technique. I just covered mine up with some scrapbooking paper and glue.


 2. Pick one of the two printables, or let your daughter draw her own! My girls love to draw and color and they’ve had a blast making these. Just wait until it’s colored, then cut it up in three strips, lengthwise, as shown on the sheet. Find the printable here. 

 3. Roll the paper strips around your container and secure them with glue or scotch tape. I like the tape because it’s easy to slide them off and put up new ones this way. You can use the inside of your container to store all your strips. 

 4. It’s ready! Turn the papers around and make as many combinations of outfits as you can imagine.




 Thanks for having me, Amy, and thank you all for reading. Hope you and your girls have fun playing with this one!


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