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Hello everyone! My name is Tammie, of craftytammie, where I share quilts, crafts, and recipes! I’m a stay at home momma to four little ones. We have an eight year old daughter, and three ornery little boys ages 2, 5, and 7. I love my life!

My daughter has been really into barbies this year. Her brothers like to play dolls with her, and I encourage that because I think it’s adorable.  My husband, not as much. 🙂  We have two boy dolls, but not many clothes for them. Store bought clothes for Ken are always a little too small, which makes it frustrating for the kids when they try to dress them. And the stress on the seams makes them fall apart fast. Homemade clothes to the rescue!

Let me show you how I made cozy pajama pants for Ken.

I used a worn out pair of Ken’s pants for my pattern. Trace around one leg on a sheet of paper.

Then, using your pattern, cut out two of your pieces on the fold. I cut mine out of an old pair of my husband’s lounge pants. I reused the hem for the bottom, which saves a step. If you want to make them from scrap fabric, remember to add a 1/4″ length or longer for your hem before you cut.

Join them together aloong the front crotch seam. I used a serger to stitch the edges. If you don’t have a serger, zigzag the edges first to prevent fraying.

Then stitch the back crotch seam partway. The rest is left open, and will be finished with a snap or velcro in a little bit. Go ahead and fold and stitch your pant hems at this point too, if needed.

Next, sew the pants together along the leg seams. Try them on your doll and see how they are fitting at this point. They should be a little big. Remember, you’ll be folding the waistband and opening down, and will lose some of the excess then.

Now you’re ready to finish the pants. Fold down the waistband about 1/4″ and iron it flat. Fold the opening edges in the same amount. Stitch around the waistband.

i added a faux drawstring tie using some baker’s twine tied in a bow. stitch a couple of times right through the knot so that your bow can’t come untied.

fold down the opening edges and add a closure at the back opening. i hand stitched on a metal snap, but you could also use a strip of velcro.

Doesn’t he look comfy?  Easy peasy and I didn’t have to buy a thing. Hope you’ll try to make some for your own dolls!  And thanks to Amy for having me!

Thanks for the great tutorial Tammie! My grandma used to make clothes for my kens and this brings back some good memories 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. The pattern I made doesn’t quite look like the one you made. Is there any way you can send me your pattern?

  2. How would you go about making an elastic waist? My son has informed me that his Ken doll, recently renamed Joe, prefers elastic waist everything (including jeans … that’ll be fun). Any help would be fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial! I’d love some help with shirts for Ken/Joe too, if you know of any.

  3. Hi, I don’t have an old pair of Ken pants. Could you send me a copy of the pattern piece you used or post it? If so, that would be so helpful. I have some plaid flannel that would be perfect. I like to make doll clothes and donate them to the school for their prize box. But I don’t have a pants pattern for Ken! Thanks!

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