DIY Fleece Fringe Scarf

Hi everyone! I am Mandy and I blog over at Sugar Bee Crafts.  I’m here today with a DIY Fleece Fringe Scarf. It’s awesome over there so you should go check it out 🙂  I love crafting and sewing and creating and love to share projects with my readers:

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I am a mom to 4 awesome kiddos, 2 of which are girls ages 8 and 6 – they are in the prime of doll-play so I am super excited about this series.

Today’s project isn’t mine — it’s one that my daughter received for her birthday and it is just SO CUTE that I have to show it off.

The matching doll and girl Fringed Fleece Scarf:

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It’s the perfect craft in my book – – super cute, super simple.  Here’s what it looks like off the doll:

–You cut a long rectangle out of 3 different pieces of fleece, the size that you want the scarf to be.  Here she used zebra, light pink, and fuchsia.
–Then sew a straight line right down the middle from end to end – that’s what holds the layers together.
–Cut fringe about 1/2 wide all the way down the length of the scarf as shown:

That’s it!  Wear and Enjoy!

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Thanks so much for sharing this fun and adorable idea with us! Make sure you stop by Sugar Bee Crafts and say hi 🙂


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