Tutu Cute Top

I had just whipped up a pair of leggings (Go To Leggings by Andrea Pannel to be released soon!) and planned to make a quick top to go with them. Anne however had other plans 🙂
She wanted ruffles. Lots and lots of frilly, ruffly, tutu fun
And since that face is kind of irresistible I gave in and started gathering 🙂
No worries though even with all of the tutu fun going on with this top it’s still relatively quick
1. Start by cutting 2 bodice pieces and 2 sleeves
2. Next you need an A-line skirt. You will lose a couple inches when you insert your ruffles so make it longer than your desired finished length (for each row you lose your seam allowance x2. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance and 5 rows so I added 2.5″ to the skirt). Then cut your skirt into equal rows.
3. Cut your ruffle strips to double the width of each tier. If you are using a fabric that doesn’t fray (like my crazy knit print) you can just cut to the desired length. For my pink fluffy fabric I doubled my length so I could fold it in half and have a folded hem instead of a raw edge. Gather each row to match the width of the tier. Repeat for all of your tiers
4. With right sides together sew up one shoulder seam
5. To finish my neckline I folded a piece of knit in half and stretched it to match the neckline. Then I sewed all of the raw edges together.
6. Sew up the 2nd shoulder seam
7. Topstitch right below the binding to help it lay flat. Make sure you use a zig-zag or double needle so the neckhole can still stretch over your little ones head
8. Sew in your sleeves
9. Then sew up the side seams and sleeve inseams
10. Now we can attach the ruffles! For each row layer the bottom edge of the previous row (in this case it’s the bottom edge of the bodice) followed by a ruffle followed by the next tier. Sew all 3 layers together. Then you’ll just flip the tier portion down (keep the ruffle out of the way) and repeat with the next row
11. I finished my sleeves with a quick lettuce edge hem. Help on that here


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