Spooky Handprint Spider Tee Shirts

Halloween is right around the corner so to celebrate the kids and I whipped up these spooky Handprint Spider Tee Shirts.
I love how they turned out!
Since you can really only wear a Halloween shirt for one month I wanted something super quick and easy. We decided to use the same method as this cute handprint card I made 2 years ago:
Suprisingly both shirts came out perfect on the 1st try! If you’re working with a baby I highly recommend taking off all their clothes and you’ll want an apron on too. I kept some wipes handy to wipe him off as soon as we finished and before he could cram those little chubbies into his mouth.
If you’re worried about getting it right the first time I would stamp onto a smaller piece of fabric and then applique it onto your tee.
I used fabric paint to keep the shirts nice and soft (don’t forget to slip some cardboard underneath!) and then sewed on googly eyes. If you’re worried that your kid will still manage to get them off you could always paint eyes on instead. To add a little girly touch to Anne’s shirt I sewed a quick ruffle on to the bottom.
Quick, easy, and a fun memento!

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