Little Red Riding Hood Costume Tutorial!

This year we’re going as characters from Little Red Riding Hood! First off is Little Red Herself.
Check Out this Free Little Red Riding Hood Costume Tutorial to Get Started!

I have to admit that Anne didn’t even know who that was but a quick trip to the library and she became an immediate fan. I did sugarcoat the part about the wolf eating grandma just a bit 🙂
She was even more excited when she found out she got to carry a little basket filled with muffins!
And I’m pretty obsessed with how cute she looks 🙂

Since the cape is made from fleece it will be plenty warm for trick or treating. And I really couldn’t resist adding a bit of fur trim just for fun. 
I think she appreciates it 🙂
Any guesses on the rest of our costumes???
I’ll be back on Wednesday with the tutorial for the dress and the other costume tutorials will begin next week.
Let’s start with the cape!

1. I wanted my cape to be nice and long so I used a dress as a guideline to cut out the back. I cut on the fold to make sure it was symmetrical. (*note- follow the curve of the dress. I went back and trimmed off that bit later). Since my cape has fur trim I made it fully lined and cut 2 of each piece. 

2. I wanted the front pieces to overlap so they could button (much easier and no strangulation risk), but I still wanted her hands to be able to stick out fairly easily so I tapered the pieces so the cape is open in the front.
3. For the hood I just used a sweatshirt hood as a guide and then made it a bit taller and pointier (I probably got a bit carried away, but I think it turned nice and fairytaleish…). You’ll need pieces to form the hood (or 4 if you’re lining it)
4. Sew the hood pieces together leaving it open along the front
5. Cut a piece of fur trim to twice your finished width plus seam allowances and the length of the front opening. Fold the trim in half with wrong sides together and baste the raw edges of the trim to the right side of the hood.
6. Slide your hood lining on top with right sides together and sew together along the front opening (the fur will be in-between our 2 layers). Turn right side out.
7. Sew the 2 front pieces to the back along the side seams.
8. With right sides together baste the hood to the neckline (you should have some extra cape where the pieces will overlap)
9. Baste fur trim to the sides and bottom of the cape on the right side of the cape
The trim should curve off the edge 1/2″ before the neckline edge. Otherwise your trim will get caught in the final seam.
10. Slide the two capes together (the trim and hood will be in-between the two capes) and sew together leaving a gap for turning along the top edge inside the hood portion.
11. Turn right side out and then hand stitch the gap shut
12. Sew on a button and buttonhole
 And enjoy your finished cape! Make sure you stop by on Wednesday for the dress 🙂





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