Just a Peek: On the Road Again

On Friday we loaded up and headed to California for a week of family fun! The kiddos were champion travelers and we arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you portable DVD player and lollipop 🙂
I got some fun posts ready ahead of time so make sure to stop by tomorrow for the first post in the Halloween Costume series!


2 Responses

  1. Guess there are times to plop kids in front of “tv”/dvd huh? Thanks heavens for them. It can be hard.
    I used to be trapped in the car alot when I was a kid going for rides with the parents to visit alot of old people I didn’t know. No TV or anything like that then (40’s). Couldn’t read as I got car sick. I counted alot of Burma shave signs and license plates and hoped to see any body of water.
    Your little ones are so adorable, I just want to reach thru to hug/kiss them. Glad they were good on your trip.Hope you have a wonderful time and make lots of memories.

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