Introducing Tasty Tuesdays!

I’m so excited to announce my new series…
Tasty Tuesdays!!
Every Tuesday I’ll be posting recipes and meal ideas for picky eaters. Along with whether or not it was a success at our house. I’m hoping for mostly successes 🙂
Anne is a horrible eater. She eats bread and cereal and junk food but almost everything else is a struggle. Meat, veggies, most fruits, potatoes, noodles (even Mac & Cheese), rice, cheese and even some junk foods like jello, french fries, etc. are a big fight. Mealtime at our house isn’t pretty…
I’ve done a lot of searching and most of the time I find dishes like these which I am 100% certain she would turn down and I think 90% of toddlers would be skeptical about…
We’ve tried making food in fun shapes, offering rewards, letting her skip meals, having her help cook, cutting back on snacks, etc. and it just isn’t really working.  
So I’m buckling down and trying to help her expand her horizons and try some new things! She’s a healthy happy girl and my goal is to have her eat what we are having for dinner 5 nights a week. It’s going to require a bit of flexibility for all of us 🙂
BBQ Chicken Pizza with Pineapple & Canadian Bacon

Our first attempt was a success!
We made our own pizza dough (which didn’t turn out super but was edible…) and used BBQ sauce with mozzarella cheese, chicken, fresh pineapple and Canadian bacon. I consider this to be a great meal for her because she gets most of her food groups all in one go and toddlers need some fat in their diets so having a lot of cheese doesn’t bother me one bit. 
And she just sat down and ate it! Next time we’ll try adding some bell peppers.
 And those grapes even got eaten too with a bit of cajoling 🙂
One more secret for today 🙂 Anne went through a phase of refusing milk and then I started putting it in teacups and she drinks it for almost every meal now. She even told me “Anne LOVES milk… in teacups”
If you have any recipes you love please link them up! We may give them a shot 🙂 The link up will be included each week so we have a growing directory of resources for all of us


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  1. All three of my girls were/some are picky……but what REALLY did help…..was time….the first few tries never resulted much (ie helping cook, but after several times and knowing their opinion really did count they grew excitement) growing the garden REALLY was the most successful! They pulled them out or picked em andcwevate em! Also they know one bite of everything on their plate….that’s it but they have to eat the one….I always try to have one food they’ll eat that way they get something but they do not get a meal different from the rest! Not an option….if they eat the one food they like they won’t starve between breakfast n dinner…..and now they are MUCH less picky!!

  2. I have a fantastic pizza dough recipe if you are interested. It can be done by hand or in a mixer (both are super easy) and can be used immediately. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send it to you!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I’m eager to see what everyone links…my almost 3-year-old is becoming more picky as the days go on & I’m struggling to find foods he’ll eat. {Though, if I make my pea & bacon pasta every night I’m sure he would eat it all}!

  4. I’ll be following this series for sure!! my 2 1/2 year old has never once eaten beef, no chicken that’s not a nugget, not even pizza! there’s very few things I can get her to eat…. BUT she’s a healthy buddha belly little girl! 😉

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