DIY Grandma Costume | The Granny From Red Riding Hood

Today, I’m making a DIY Grandma Costume. Red Riding Hood wouldn’t be complete without a granny! So I volunteered to fill that spot. Something about getting to wear a nightgown was pretty appealing 🙂
DIY Grandma Costume
Now I hope you all love me lots and  lots for posting one of the more embarrassing photos of me ever. Not to mention the very bad lighting in our basement apartment at night… If only the cuties had been awake they could have joined me for the photo.

DIY Grandma Costume Instructions

Oh well… on to the diy grandma costume tutorial
For the cap I cut a big circle (about 2 feet across) and serged the edges. I cut a piece of 1/4″ elastic to just smaller than my head circumference and marked it off in 1/4s. Next I tacked it down at each 1/4 point in the circle a few inches in.
Then I stretched the elastic out and sewed over it with a zig-zag stitch all the way around. I couldn’t quite stretch it enough to go all the way around so I just made a few little tucks in the fabric as I sewed.
For the nightgown I used the same method as Red’s dress:
The only change I made was to zig-zag on a piece of elastic a few inches up for the end of each sleeve to create a nice ruffle. The ends of the sleeve are just serged.
I would’ve liked to add a nice big ruffle to the bottom but I ran out of the fabric so I just left it as is.
Or you could just pick up something at the thrift store 🙂 That’s probably the route I would’ve taken but I had a ton of this granny flannel in my stash from who knows where that was crying out to be used. And the whole thing sewed up during the presidential debate so it wasn’t too long of a project.
Happy Sewing!
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