Ruched Quilt Tutorial

I was finishing up a project and had a tiny bit of batting left so I whipped up this darling ruched quilt for Anne’s dolly. Now she’s nice and snug!
I am in LOVE with how the ruching turned out! Once Anne moves up to a twin bed in a couple years and needs some new bedding I’m definitely making a bigger size of this. For now dolly gets to enjoy it in all of it’s ruffly goodness 🙂
Let’s get started!

1. Cut a piece of batting to your desired finished quilt size. Cut the body fabric to 2-3x the width. I just used a scrap so I didn’t even measure but it looks like it’s about 2.5x the width.

2. Cut a backing piece out leaving 2″ around all sides. We’ll even things out later so don’t worry about cutting super straight. Definitely best to error on the too big side at this point.
3. Sew rows of basting stitches across the width of your quilt top and then gather to match the width of your batting
4. Layer your backing, batting, and quilt top and then sew together on top of the basting stitches. Make sure you keep everything straight and don’t let the bottom layer pucker (mine is a bad example of this b/c I wasn’t paying attention…Dolly doesn’t mind)
5. Then I just folded the binding up and over and topstitched. Need help? See my tutorial here
And the back view. And this is why you want to do a bit better job sewing all of your layers together than I did. Oops!
Good night baby doll and sweet dreams!

2 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness. LOVE this. Like, really really love this. My girls share a room and have matching duvet covers right now, but they’ve had them a while and would LOVE a surprise change. Hmmm…Christmas is coming, and they would be thrilled. Thanks for the idea!
    -Brittney (my new blog; come on by if you’d like! It’s a happy place that, frankly, needs more ruche-ing. Comin’ right up!)

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