DIY Diaper Genie Refill

When we bought a Diaper Genie this summer I was really happy with it. Until our cartridge ran out and we had to buy more bags. So I improvised…
and you know what? It worked just fine. Those little refills are $6 a thing and were only lasting us a week or two which starts to add up really fast. Over $100/year on bags??? I don’t think so…
Instead I use the garbage bags we already have for our kitchen trash can. For the same price as a Diaper Genie cartridge you can buy 80 bargain brand bags or you can even spring for the expensive odor shield ones and you still get 34 bags which is equivalent to about 7-8 of the refill cartridges. Pretty good deal right?
Grab an empty diaper genie refill and thread your bag through
Then wrap it around and cinch up the drawstrings to keep it in place
Pop it back in the Diaper Genie
Put on the lid… and you’re all set!
He seems fairly happy about it. Promise that’s a happy squealing face not a sad one 🙂

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  1. I love how you wrap the bag around the cartridge. Its so much better than tucking it in the cartridge. Also try using black trash bags with draw string they hold more.????

  2. I found this post while searching for a way to make my own Litter Genie refills. It worked perfectly! I only had the tie bags, but if you tie two sides together, then the other two together, and make sure they are fairly tight, it works just as well as the cinch bags. Thank you so much for posting!

  3. this is a wonderful idea! I also saw that target started making the refills in their brand so much cheaper! their wipes and diapers are amazing too.

  4. Thank you!!! I saw this on Pinterest and I’m actually going to use it for my Litter Genie-same problem: $12/refill and I went through one in a week. Great idea & post. thank you again!

  5. We also switched to the walmart brand of diapers. Huggies are just so darn expensive! I like that they are not noisy like the luvs. Those things seem to be made of plastic and they leak like crazy!

  6. I use Walmart and Target brand diapers also. They are soo much cheaper and seem to work just as good and besides..Id rather spend my money on fabric to make cute baby/kid/mommy clothes! 🙂 Great post!

  7. We have the diaper genie II, this is an awesome idea! W still had horrible luck even with Walmart brand….for us it was babies-r-us brand that worked the best. 🙂

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