Change of Pace

Things have been crazy busy lately and I’m tired of being tired so I’m making a change. Saturday will still be the designated giveaway day BUT I am no longer going to hunt down sponsors to fill the spots. So I will have a giveaway for you some weeks but not others. It will just depend on who contacts me. And in case you were wondering there is not going to be a fall season of American Crafter this year, but I am hoping to pull it together for February. 


Good 🙂 Because I’d rather spend my time snuggling babies. And… it’s about time I cleaned my house and got a bit of sleep. Assuming someone else cooperates with that plan. Not likely but the little smile kind of makes up for it 🙂 And I guess I’ll have to forgive little miss for getting up early every morning and turning on every single light in the apartment. Because she’s pretty cute too 🙂

Phew… I’m feeling much better already!

And no worries I can’t seem to keep myself from busting out the crafts so tutorials will still be coming your way every Monday and Wednesday. And since I love seeing all of your ideas too the Friday Favs part is sticking around as well. 


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  1. GOOD. Well, that didn’t sound very nice now did it? LOL Good for YOU! Anyone with such adorable little ones who depend on them should not be concerned more about their readers than those children who will grow far too quickly. You need to spend the time with them more right now because this time in their lives is so important to the rest of theirs in learning all those things like manners and all that fun stuff. When Momma’s just exhausted all the time that’s no good for her or them because then Mom has a shorter fuse which isn’t a good thing either.

    Can you tell I’ve been there but not with a blog but as a single Mom with three little VERY active boys years ago. I was always running on that last bit of the other end of the candle after totally burning out the first end of the candle. I was tired, stressed, and spending as much time with them as I could, then I suffered as well as my house.

    I’m glad to see you are going to take more time with them and for yourself. Enjoy it.

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