Toy Oven Mitt Tutorial

We just found little miss a play kitchen at a yard sale so I made her a little oven mitt to go with it
Safety first! You wouldn’t want to get burned by your microwave after all 🙂
and when she’s done playing she can hang it up- not that she ever does, but Mommy can dream 🙂
1. To get started cut out 2 oven mitts in a print and 2 in terry cloth, flannel, etc. for the lining. The pattern is really just an over-sized mitten. Make sure you remember your seam allowance so you have enough room in the thumb area.
2. Line up an outer piece with a lining with wrong sides together. Then trim a little bit off the bottom of the lining and fold the outer piece over to give you a finished edge- if you’re using a woven fabric you’ll want to fold over twice so it doesn’t fray.
3. Next quilt the 2 layers together so it looks just like a real oven mitt. I sewed about 4-5 diagonal lines in each direction with about 1″ between each row.
4. If you want a loop for hanging sew a little fabric tube and then turn it right side out with a safety pin. Or… grab a piece of ribbon.
5. With right sides together line up the 2 oven mitt halves then slide the loop in between the 2 layers with the tail ends hanging out. Sew all the way around the edge. Clip your seam allowance between the finger area and thumb area so it will lay flat.
Turn right side out and start cooking!


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