Giddy Up Cowgirl Shirt Tutorial

This summer we lived in rural Easter Oregon and had a fabulous time. Before we left I whipped up a little lacy cowgirl top (maybe she’s more of a Rodeo Queen???) so we could do a little photo shoot in the farmland behind our apartment complex.

Cowgirl Shirt Tutorial

Yes… I made a shirt just for a picture. But I already had the fabric in my stash so why not? Hopefully it will still fit for our family pictures this fall.

I love pretty much everything about it and the cute little girly in it makes me love it even more
And the darling clay buttons in the back are courtesy of Button Mad. I love the nice earthy touch they add
Want one of your own?
Let’s get started!

I made this from a solid broadcloth (at least I think so…) and matching eyelet trim. My trim was about 8″ tall.  Here’s an example I found on etsy:

Cotton Lace Fabric Trim - Wide White Flower Floral Scallop Eyelet Lace Cotton Fabric TRIM 8 Inches 1 Meter - Kerry LAST PIECE
See the nice finished edge on the bottom??? That’s what you’re looking for and you want it to be tall enough to form the bottom half of your shirt
1. Let’s get our pieces cut. I used the bodice from the Annie, but really any simple bodice will work just fine. You’ll need to cut 1 layer for the outer and 1 for the liner. Make sure the back pieces have enough room to overlap for your button placket.
The skirt portion is also fully lined. I cut an a-line shape for the front (make sure the top edge is the same width as the bodice). The back pieces are also a-line shaped on the sides and are the same width as the back bodice pieces. My eyelet piece was the 1/2″ shorter than the lining and 1.5 times my total bodice width to give it some ruffle. I just used one long piece
2. With right sides together sew the 2 back bodice pieces to the front and the shoulder seams. Repeat with the lining.
3. Cut 2 sleeves from the bottom edge of your eyelet trim.
4. With right sides together sew the sleeves in place along each armhole
It will look like this when finished
5. With right sides together lay the lining on top of the outer bodice and sew together along the neckline and back plackets. Trim and notch your seam allowance so it will lay flat and then turn right side out.
6. I forgot a picture of this step but next you need to line up the side seams with right sides together and sew together. You will have 4 total seams- outer bodice left side, outer bodice right side, lining left side, and lining right side. When you’re done you should have this:
7. With right sides together sew the 2 back lining pieces to the front along the side seams and then hem the bottom edge by folding over 1/4″ twice and topstitching.
8. Gather the eyelet trim to match the width of the lining piece and then with right sides together sew the 2 pieces together along the center back seams. Turn right side out and press flat along the seamlines. Then baste the top edges together (to keep the lining from peeping out the bottom I pulled it up slightly before basting and then trimmed the excess).
9. Pin the eyelet side of the skirt to the outer layer of the bodice along the bottom edge and then sew together making sure the bodice lining is out of the way.
10. Turn right side out. Press the seam allowance from step 9 up inside the bodice and the bottom 1/2″ of the liner up inside the bodice as well so all seams are hidden. Hand sew the lining in place. Repeat with the armholes.
11. Add some buttons and buttonholes to the back and you’re all set!
 Happy Trails!

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  1. Very cute, looks simple too I may just give this a try I’m sure I have a few cute scraps that I could sew this with. Thank you for the great design 🙂

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