Flutter Sleeve Tee Tutorial

Need a few more items to round out the back to school wardrobe?
This flutter sleeve tee is quick, simple, and oh so cute!

Girls Flutter Sleeve Shirt
Makes a girl pretty happy!
And I was pretty happy with the flutter sleeve too because it was so easy to put together! And since it’s knit it’s super comfy and perfect for everyday wear.
Want to make one for your little lady?
or little man- you can definitely use this same idea to make a basic tank and just leave off the sleeves
Let’s get started!

1. Using a tee (or tank) that fits well to cut out a front and back piece. Remember you need room for a seam allowance at the shoulders and sides and a hem along the bottom (I did 1/2″ seam allowances and a 3/4″ hem). The sleeves are two elongated half circles. I cut the front and back out exactly the same and then scooped the neck a bit lower in the front. 

2. With right sides together sew the front and back together at the shoulder seams. Now is a good time to make sure it will fit over your kid’s head
3. Measure the neck opening on your tee and cut a piece of rib knit to about 80% of that measurement and about 1.5″ wide. Sew the 2 short ends together to form a loop
4. Now fold the neckline ribbing so the long edges are together and your seam from step 3 is hidden. Line up the raw edges with the raw edge of your neckline on the right side of the shirt. You will need to stretch the ribbing to fit so pin carefully and make sure it’s evenly distributed and then sew in place.
5. Flip the seam allowance inside the shirt and press flat. To help the neckline lay flat I like to then stitch around the entire neckline just below the seam line. Make sure you use a double needle or a zig zag stitch so the shirt can still fit over your kid’s head.
6. Turn the outside edge of your sleeve (the curved edge) in towards the wrong side of the sleeve and topstitch down. I used my double needle.
***For this shirt I attached the flat slide to the armhole to make a flutter sleeve. In the cowgirl shirt I attached the curved edge to the armhole instead and it made a cap sleeve. You could also finish this edge with a lettuce hem (more on that here)
7. With right sides together sew the unfinished edge of the sleeve to your arm hole making sure the sleeve is centered.
8. Flip the seam allowance inside the shirt and press flat. Press the remaining arm hole edge under and then topstitch across the entire armhole. I used my double needle for this step as well.
9. With right sides together sew up the shirt side seams.
10. Turn the bottom edge of the shirt up 3/4″ towards the wrong side of the shirt and press flat. Topstitch in place using a double needle or zig zag stitch. I love using the double needle for this because it gives a nice professional finish.

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