Vintage Pillowcase Romper Tutorial

Summer heat is here which means it’s time for some comfy and cool clothes for your little one!
How to Make a Pillowcase Romper
And my favorite part is this whole outfit costs less than $1- thank you Salvation Army! And since it’s made from a pillowcase it’s soft, lightweight and doesn’t seem to wrinkle!
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And now back to the tutorial and my little cutie pie
Not a care in the world…
Perfect for exploring one of our favorite parks
What??? The trees in your park don’t wear sweaters??? That’s too bad- we really enjoy them:)
Alright grab a pillowcase and let’s get started!

1. Grab a tank that fits well to use a guide in making your pattern pieces. Line up the bottom of the tank with the bottom of the pillowcase so you can keep the original hem. For older kids you can probably use the full width of the pillowcase- it ended up being a bit too wide for us though so I took it in just a bit. Before shirring your top should be about 1.5x your desired finished width. Cut the top to the desired height and cut 2 armholes.
2. Use the leftover fabric on the other end of the pillowcase for the shorts. Add a 1/2″ seam allowance along the inseam and crotch and then an extra 1-2″ on the side for a bubble effect. You also need an extra 1″ on top for the waistband.
3. I like to make the waistband a bit lower in the front so I cut the waistband down at angle towards the center front seam on each piece- notice it’s on the left on one piece and the right on the other.
4. With right sides together line up the 2 shorts pieces and sew up the crotch seams- one for the front and one for the back. Leave the inseam for now
5. Serge the top edge of the waistband or turn it under 1/4″ and then fold it down 5/8″ to create your casing. Sew along the bottom edge leaving a small gap in the back. Thread some 1/2″ elastic through, sew the ends together and then sew the gap in the casing shut. I cut my elastic to 1″ shorter than my girl’s waist circumference.
6. Measure your child’s thigh where the shorts will hit and gather the bottom edge of the shorts so they are 1.5″ longer than the measurement.
7. Sew a length of bias tape onto the bottom edge of the shorts
8. With right sides together sew up the inseam of the shorts
9. To finish the top turn the top edge under 1/8″ twice and topstitch. Then sew rows of shirring across the bodice until you reach the desired width. Steaming the rows with your iron will help them shrink up. For tips on shirring see here
10. Add bias tape to the arm holes leaving long tails for the ties and you’re finished!

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  1. What a cute little outfit.
    Are you tired of me telling you how friggin adorable your daughter is yet? The “toupe” picture is so funny. What a clown. LOL

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