Mini & Me Summer PJs Tutorial

Getting tired of the heat? Whip up some comfy and cool PJs for you and your little buddy all from one pair of PJ pants!

Matching Pajamas Tutorial

Yup pretty cute:)
My older sister looked everywhere for some summer PJs and couldn’t find anything the right length so she picked up a pair in a print she liked from Value Village and we went to work! And then I got a bit carried away and made a matching pair for the little miss. And then… I couldn’t resist and made a matching top too. Best part is the whole project (2 pairs of PJ bottoms and a tank) still only took about 2 hours total.
1. For the adult pair just chop them off and hem. Our pair hits just below the knee for a comfy, modest pair of shorts. You might want to see how much fabric you need for your kiddo before deciding on a length
2. For the toddler pair I used the bottom half of the pants that we had cut off. Line up the side seam of some pants that fit well with the existing side seam in the adult PJs. Leave an extra 1″ at the top for the waistband and a 1/2″ seam allowance along the inseam and crotch curve. I left a little extra room because I wanted a baggier fit than the princess jammies. You don’t need to add any length on the bottom because you can use the existing hem
To finish up the bottoms follow the basic shorts tutorial and just skip step 5 (hemming the shorts)
Now for the tank…
1. Use an existing tee or tank as a guide to cutting out your pieces from some knit fabric. I made the scoop in the neckline a bit deeper in the front than the back. Don’t forget seam allowances at the shoulders and side seams and you’ll need 1/2″ extra for the hem.
2. If you want to embellish the tank now is the easiest time. I used a start cookie cutter as a guide and cut out 2 stars from my pj pant scraps. Then I just sewed them on using a narrow zig-zag stitch. You might find it helpful to add some interfacing to the back of the tank- I didn’t use it and had no trouble but some knits are finnicky and need some extra support
3. With right sides together sew up one shoulder seam. Then cut a length of your knit fabric about 1″ shorter than the neckline and 1.5″ wide. With right sides together sew the neck binding to the neckline- you will need to stretch it slightly as you sew to get it fit. Make sure you only stretch the binding and not the tank.
 4. Flip the binding over to the wrong side of the fabric and topstitch along the bottom edge of the binding to finish the neckline. Trim away any excess binding fabric. I used contrasting thread for an extra pop of color (don’t mind my wonky stitching- I was in a rush)
5. Sew up the 2nd shoulder seam and then bind the armholes using the same method as the neck. With right sides together sew up the side seams.
6. For a bit of fun I did a lettuce hem. And.. since I was too lazy to switch my serger settings I used  my regular machine and it worked wonderfully! Just turn the bottom edge of your fabric under 1/4″ or so and then sew right along the fold using a narrow zig-zag stitch. To get the lettuce edge effect stretch the fabric as you sew. Trim away the excess fabric from the wrong side of the tank (I still haven’t gotten around to this and it still looks fine) This was seriously super easy and I’ll definitely use this technique again!
Happy Sewing 🙂

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