Sibling Tees Tutorial

I’m Back! Thank you so much to everyone who filled in for me while I was on maternity leave- it was a huge help!!
Of course I couldn’t resist and I’ve been doing a bit of crafting while the babies nap:)
 I LOVE these kiddos in their big sister and little brother tees! Little man is just about outgrown his (these pics. are from over a month ago) but we loved it while it lasted:)
how it really goes down most of the time- look out baby here she comes!

I don’t have a photo tutorial for this, but it’s pretty straight forward:
1. Iron some double sided interfacing to the wrong side of your applique fabric
2. Cut out with an electronic cutter or trace your design onto the interfacing (make sure it’s backwards!) and cut out with scissors
3. Iron onto your tees
4. Sew around all edges with a zig-zag stitch 

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