Pee Pee TeePee Pattern

Wee Wee Wig Wam
Boys are messy! Turns out the whole mess making business starts at birth so I whipped this pee pee teepee pattern up after we had 2 incidents in one day. Now today, I’m going to save you a lot of diaper changing grief and share my pee pee teepee pattern with you. If you enjoy this pattern, sign up for our newsletter to receive 25 FREE patterns at Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

Now back to the Pee Pee TeePee Pattern. Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need the following Materials:

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  • 2. You’ll need 1/4 yard of terry cloth (thicker the better) and 1/4 yard of flannel. Cut out 1 piece from flannel and 1 from terry cloth. Or go ahead and cut a few so you always have a spare Pee Pee Teepee on hand when the other one is in the wash.
pee pee teepee pattern piece
2. Cut out the pieces from the FREE Pee Pee Tee Pattern. Fold each piece in half to form a cone and sew the raw edges together
pee pee teepee pattern piece
3. Slide the 2 layers of your tee pee together with right sides together. Sew around the bottom edge leaving a 1″ gap for turning.
pee pee teepee
4. Turn right side out and tuck in the raw edges. Sew all the way around the bottom edge
pee pee teepee
On this one, I put Little owls for fun on the outside and terry cloth on the inside to get the job done.
pee pee teepee
With your left over fabric you could whip up a couple burp cloths and give this as a baby gift to a friend with a sense of humor:)
Happy diaper changing! Be sure to share the Pee Pee TeePee on Pinterest to spread the love (and protection)!
Wee Wee Wig Wam

61 Responses

    1. Hola. Esta Cuevita como se le podria llamar es para el bebe baron. A la hora de cambiarle su panal o pavico, se pone este encima de su parte intima para que el bebe no vaya a orinar mientras que lo cambian su panal. Ojala me entienda.

  1. Too much personal information required for a “free” pattern. I feel taken advantaged of. Needless to say I still did not get the pattern.

  2. I gave my email address but have not received the pattern. I understood I would receive an email with the pattern. Please send me the pattern as promised.

  3. Thank you for the pattern and great (and easy) instructions. going to make several for a friend expecting her little boy soon.

    1. A tu essayé d’aller dans my account et après pattern library. Tu devrais voir tout tes patron a gauche et le button download a droite

    1. You should have received an email with a freebie code to use when you visit their website. Check your spam mail/ junk mail folder.

  4. Sorry if I’m being rude by asking …how is this peepee teepee used…I understand its put on top of the wee peepee… And do we cover with a diaper or something. Its new to me.I’d appreciate if someone helped me understand the mechanism of this Tee pee. Thanks

    1. When you go to change him, it’s put over it . Otherwise they will tinkle everywhere before you have a chance to get the next diaper on 😁

    2. Hi Evie:
      The use for the Tee Pee is to cover the little man during the diaper change——a little protection for you (and the wall!}, as you change his diaper. Once you are ready to finish the process, you can slowly remove the teepee, while at the same time covering him with the clean diaper.
      Great concept, wish these were around when I had my son 30+ yrs ago!

    1. I made these using a 6-1/2″ across bowl! Turn bowl upside down on your fabric and trace around the bowl to make a nice circle, cut out circle, than fold circle in half and cut along fold line. No need for the notch cut out as shown in photos on this page.
      fold half pieces in half to form a cone shape, stitch along straight edge! Do that with all pieces and join together as shown!
      I added a ribbon loop at the point of the teepee to keep mommas fingers dry when removing a wet teepee!

  5. Just a heads up, your instructions state it’s a free pattern, but when you click on it, it’s $1. I realize it’s not much, but it’s still not what you stated in your blog. Easy enough to make my own pattern of course, so no biggie, just an interesting point.

  6. So grateful I came across this post! After having three girls, we are due with our first and only boy. I’ve heard horror stories about diaper changes so I want to be prepared. These are wonderful to come across!! Can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much!!!

  7. Seriously??? Even if the name is copyrighted, these are not hard to figure out how to make! That’s probably why there isn’t a patent on the product. I highly doubt the original designer of this has lost any money because someone used the same name.

  8. Hi!
    I am due with a boy in a few weeks. I was wondering if there was a reason to use two layers of absorbent fabric?
    I have leftover PUL from cloth diapers I made and I was thinking that might be good for the inside? Thoughts?

  9. Are you the founder of Pee Pee Teepee? It is a copywrited name and product that has been in the store for quite a few years/decades. It would be terrible to subvert someone’s bright idea and hard work not to mention the money they put into marketing and the sweat put into marketing the product to get it into stores.

    1. Seriously??? Even if the name is copyrighted, these are not hard to figure out how to make! That’s probably why there isn’t a patent on the product. I highly doubt the original designer of this has lost any money because someone used the same name.

  10. It would be nice if the sewing instructions were also included in the pdf with the pattern pieces. I downloaded the pdf thinking it was the pattern complete with instructions. I then had to come back to get the instructions that are not so print friendly. It’s nice to read the instructions online before deciding on if it’s something that you want to make, but sucks that they aren’t included with the pattern piece.

    1. was just saying the same thing to myself as I struggle to figure out how to best print the instructions off

  11. Hi Amy. I’d also love to sell these online if you don’t mind 🙂 Can we use the same name you gave them?

    1. I don’t mind but I would do some research first to make sure there isn’t another product out there with the same name to be safe

  12. OMG what will they think of next. LOL!!! I would love to make some of these for gifts or to sell on our market stall.
    Is that Ok? it’s been almost 40 years since I had a baby boy…Mmmmm!! I just used a washer on bub or a rain coat on me….LOL!!!!!

  13. Leftover fabric can also be used for breast pads. Layer 4 pieces of flannelette, cut in a 3 1/2″ circle. Stitch together. They can be surged, satin stitched or straight stitched and trimmed with pinking shears or a wavy rotary cutter

  14. hi I would like to sell these on etsy but someone other than you said they have a patent on these and I have been refused from selling them…was this your pattern? here is the link to the person saying these are his??? Peter Malcic (, Beba Bean Designs Inc.,Is this you?

    1. There are several different folks selling them on Etsy nowadays. Spotted them there on Etsy over 5 years ago. They made me chuckle, of course…

  15. Can we make those to sell? What a concept. That was hilarious, I had no problem figuring out what those could be for. I had two boys 16 months apart. Not sure which one was the worst about that but I do remember the youngest boy would get this big grin on his face and laugh out loud at me as soon as I got his diaper off. He’s now 48 years old and oldest boy will be 50 in Dec. Thanks for enlivening a great memory.

    1. Both my Son, and The Grandprince would ‘grin’ before they fired, too! At least now I know not to take it personally!

      The thing I don’t get is: is it worn inside the diaper?, or, does the cap go on once the soiled diaper is opened? (I haven’t run across the video mentioned.)

      1. If you haven’t seen her since you put it on the pp once you open up the soiled diaper cover the pp while you clean the baby’s area and put a new diaper on remove the pee pee and snap your two sides of the diaper on

  16. Hello. would you allow me to make a few of these up using your pattern to offer for sale in my shop? They are such a great idea!

  17. That is too funny! I could of used these with my 3 boys! Thank goodness my youngest is just about to start potty training. Yay! 🙂

  18. Thankfully I have not had too many accidents with my little guy. But these make me laugh! Thanks for the pattern, I will be “pinning” this for future usage!

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