Owl Baby Mobile Tutorial

Baby Owl Mobile
Since we’re living in a temporary apartment this summer the kids’ room is a bit barren. I decided that it could use a little livening up and came up with this quick and easy owl baby mobile. It will match our nursery back in Provo perfectly so we’ll get to use it this fall too! I love all of those little owls and hopefully they will lull our little man right to sleep:)
Owl Baby Mobile
Let’s get started!
  • Felt, fabric scraps, etc.
  • Embroidery Floss
  • 2 Dowels
  • 4 Wooden beads that fit on dowel ends
  • Polyfill
  • String to hang with
 1. Cut out all of your pieces- I used a mix of felt and fabric scraps. Since this won’t ever be washed or played with you don’t have to worry about fraying too much. For the eyes I did buttons
2. Sew on all of your applique pieces- I used embroidery floss and a simple running stitch. I made sure to sew the eyes on super well- don’t want buttons falling into the baby’s bed! After everything is sewn to the front you can sew the front and back together. Add in a little stuffing before you sew it all the way shut to give your owls some poof
 3. Cross your 2 dowels (I actually used skewers because we already had some on hand) and secure together. I used hot glue and then wrapped around the 2 with a twist tie. Next I added wooden beads to the end of the skewers to hide my pointy ends
4. Tie a length of embroidery floss to each corner of the mobile. Thread it through a cloud and knot on the other side and then knot it to the back of the owl. I tied it to the owl about 1/4 of the way down from the top and mine hang so the baby can see them and they’re visible from an adult point of view
Happy little flock of owls all ready to go…
Hang it from your ceiling with a piece of string and enjoy!
***Make sure you tie everything securely so pieces can’t fall into the crib. I triple knotted everything and reinforced with glue

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  1. I adore this and am putting together an owl nursery. I love that it is cute without being overly complex. Definitely heading to the fabric store to put together this treasure in the next couple weeks!

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