Guest post: Peanut Swaddler

Peanut Swaddler Pattern
 Hello Nap Time Crafters! My name is Toni, and I blog over at SugarTart Crafts where I spend
most of my time stitching up projects for my 2 crazy munchkins. I’m so excited to be here while
Amy is enjoying some quality time with her new little man, and it’s especially fun since we
welcomed a little Mr. into our own family only a few weeks ago!
So, In an attempt to help fellow new Mommas get a little more sleep
(or at least a few minutes of quiet), I’d like to share with you my zippered swaddler tutorial.
Peanut Swaddler Pattern

For lots of new parents, the art of swaddling your new baby can seem more like rocket science than a
simple folded up blanket, and trying to replicate what the nurses did so easily for you in the hospital will
simply become a source of frustration. All your 3 a.m. attempts to contain that writhing, screaming,
“bundle of joy” have ended in failure, and by now you are seriously eyeing up that roll of duct tape.
I find this to be especially true of husbands…or at least mine! ; )
Most of us have been there. We had a terrible time getting our daughter to sleep after she began to
break free from every type of swaddle product you could buy! I eventually found one that worked
(most of the time), and gave up on ever sleeping through an entire night again.
It unzips from the bottom too so you can change that stinky
diaper without taking everything off and waking the baby up!
So when I found out that a 2nd little monkey was on the way, I began my search for a swaddler that
could contain those tiny appendages in a way that he could NOT (never ever!) break out of.
So far, the Peanut Swaddler has done the trick. Plus it’s so easy to operate that even my husband can
manage it in the middle of the night! We still have a month or two until it will really be put to the test,
but luckily this should be thin enough for the baby to wear with just a diaper so we’ll still be able to
keep him quiet without the risk of overheating during the summer.
Here’s how you can make one of your own…
Needle nose pliers
2 nylon coil zippers – 16+ inches
Pattern Pieces located here plus one 2×24 inch strip
Stretchy knit fabric: something with spandex in it would be perfect.
Just make sure your fabric is soft enough for a baby – I used a thrifted tee.
Knit binding for the neckline: I salvaged mine from the same tee. – 10+ inches
*NOTE* -This pattern is for a newborn size. I’d say 7-14lbs-ish.
If you need larger, it shouldn’t be difficult to adjust the pattern to fit a bigger baby.
I will eventually be adding larger sizes to my patterns page as Corbin grows and I can test them out.
Use your pliers to remove the metal stops from the bottom of both zippers.
Remove the pulls from the zippers, and set aside 2 of the extra zipper tapes.
You could also buy lengths of zipper tape and pulls separately online
so long as you have the equivalent of 1 zipper with 2 pulls.
Iron the straight edge of each front piece under 3/4 of an inch.
Unfold the 3/4 inch and line up half of your zipper with the crease you just ironed.
*Make sure you are attaching the left side of the zipper tape to the front left half of the peanut.*
Stitch half of the zipper onto each half of the peanut stopping about 2 inches from the bottom. (the green X)
Be extra careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew, or the halves will never zip back together properly.
Follow steps 1-8 below to make a 2 way zipper.
1. Slide both zipper halves into the curved side of a pull.
2. Align the pull with the beginning of the zipper teeth.
3. Use the pull to ZIP the zipper. Zip it all the way to make sure the top lines up.
4. Separate the 2 halves of the zipper tape again BELOW the pull you just attached.
5. Slide both zipper halves into the second pull with the curved side down.
6. Align the pull with the beginning of the zipper teeth, and gently pull the 2 halves apart.
7. With a little wiggling, you should be able to zip (or is it unzip?) the second pull.
8. Slide each pull up and down a few times to make sure that the teeth are lining up correctly.
If something feels off remove the second pull, and start the process over again at step 4.

Unpick the top 2 inches on the left side of the zipper,
and cut 3/8 of an inch off the top of the tape.
*Do Not cut below the metal stop.*
Fold the 2×24 inch strip in half and surge/zig zag along the open edge.
This piece will run along the zipper on the inside to protect the baby from rubbing or getting pinched.
Lay the folded strip under the zipper leaving about 1.5 inches sticking out the top.
The surged edge should line up with the outside edge of the zipper.
Fold the extra down over the cut edge of the zipper and pin at a slight angle.
Stitch the fold in place and test the zipper a few times to make sure the fabric doesn’t catch.
This will help protect the baby’s chin from rubbing on the zipper, though you could always
add a flap and snap on top if you wanted.
Cut off any excess overhang from the angle at the top of the strip.
Replace the 2 inches that you unpicked, unfold the 3/4 inch flap that the zipper is attached too,
and stitch the strip to the zipper. You should be sewing through the strip, the zipper, and the peanut.
*When the zipper is zipped up, the strip should cover it completely on the inside.*
Stitch the 2 peanut layers together at the bottom below the zipper.
Top-stitch around the zipper being mindful of the strip underneath.
Then trim off any extra zipper and strip length below the top-stitching.
With right sides together, sew the peanut front to the back.
Serge or zig zag to strengthen the edge.
Attach the knit binding to the neckline and top-stitch in place.
If you are unsure about this part, check out Option A of my video tutorial.
All Done!
Now you’re ready to zip up your little one and hope that they get drowsy.
I’ve got a bunch more baby projects (and other fun stuff too) over on my blog,
 so I hope a bunch of you will come visit me over at SugarTart Crafts really soon.
Thanks so much Amy for having me!
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Thanks so much Toni! Adding this to the to-do list:)


16 Responses

  1. Hello! I printed the pattern at 100% but it looks a bit short. How long should the pattern be? Thank you! Looking forward to making tortilla fabric burrito swaddles.

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I made one for a little baby. It came out well and so cute!
    BR and lots of great tutorials like this one!
    Nadia from Israel 🙂

  3. This is great! But i have to say – please don’t swaddle above shoulder height – SIDS prevention. Also, never wake a baby to change a diaper unless they have a diaper rash!

  4. This is a good tutorial but I learned that I can’t use zipper length because it’s rough on the end that’s not covered. I could cover it with a snap but who wants to snap in the middle of the night. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try this out! I’ve been wanting a woombie but didn’t want to splurge on one! Did you use a regular foot or a walking foot with your knit?

  6. Great tutorial thanks! I’ve been making baby sleep sacks and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make a double zip…turns out I needed to buy 2 zips that have the little tails without teeth…perfect!

  7. You can’t imagine how much I’ve searched for a swaddler tutorial a few months ago. I ended up dressing her with a babygrow and tie the arms…

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