Little Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

 This is the coziest, simplest skirt ever!
So simple I made 2:)

Little Ruffle Skirt Sewing Pattern

Ahhh…ruffle fabric. I really really LOVE you!
And I think the little miss does too:)
Yup this skirt is perfectly comfy and perfect for being a bit of a goof
The yoga waistband makes it easy to sew and super comfortable!
Ready to make your own?
  • Ruffle Fabric: You can get this at or in some quilt shops
  • Scrap of knit fabric
  • Scrap fabric for lining (optional)
1. If you want to line your skirt (some of the lighter colors of fabric are a bit sheer), finish the bottom edge of the liner and sew up the sides. I made mine about 9″ long for a 2T and 1.5x her waist measurement- about 30″ around
2. With right sides together sew up the side seam (or seams) of your ruffle fabric. It should be just a tad longer than the liner.
3. The waistband should be 4x the height you want it to be when it’s in the folded position and about 1″ smaller around than your girly’s waist.
Sew up the side seam
4. Gather your skirt (and liner if you have one) until it’s about 1″ wider around than the waistband. This gives the skirt room to get over little baby and toddler bums
4. Fold the waistband in half with wrong sides together and then sew the bottom edge to the top edge of your skirt. You’ll have to stretch the waistband a bit as you sew.
And that’s it! A fun and simple skirt! The waistband can be worn unfolded or rolled over- up to you:)

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