Easy Peasy Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

Burp Cloth Pattern
 With #2’s arrival growing closer I’m starting a few baby crafts! One thing you can never ever have enough of is burp cloths so when flannel was on sale at JoAnns I just couldn’t resist. This baby burp cloth tutorial will give you all the tips to make a stack of your own!
How to make burp cloths
I think the hormones might be getting to me because something about a freshly folded pile of burp clothes makes me really happy. And since we don’t have a washing machine I know I’ll get a lot of use out of these!
And they have a nice extra panel down the middle to soak up the big messes. Maybe if I make a few more to add to my current stash I can spare little man from being carried around with pink and purple burp cloths (ah…the joys of having an older sister)
I used 1/3 yard flannel in 4 different prints. And if you get a bit extra while you’re at it you’ll have enough leftover to make a cute and simple rag quilt- tutorial coming Wednesday:)
A standard burp cloth is 12×18″ so I cut 2 rectangles for each burp cloth and then a 5×12″ (I used leftovers from my stash) panel for the middle.
1. Iron the edges of the panel in towards the wrong side
2. Topstitch to 1 side of the burp cloth along each long edge
3. With right sides together sew 2 burp cloth pieces together going around all the edges. Leave a 3″ gap on one side.
4. Turn right side out, tuck in the raw edges and topstitch around all edges
So quick and if you catch a sale you can make these for a lot less than the store-bought ones. I spent about $2 on all 4 of these. I hope this baby burp cloth tutorial gave you some inspiration for your own baby. Time to put those fabric scraps to work 🙂

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  1. people are shocked when I have gone to the store to buy fabric for burp clothes! they are so easy & cheap to make! I just top stitch 2 fabrics together and then use pinking shears around edge close to stitch. For my daughter I did minky on one side on & cute bright flannel on the other & they came out so cute! For 4 of them (think i bough 1/4 yd of each fabric) it was like $5!

  2. Why do you buy 4 different prints? Are there two different panels or just one? The panel is 5 by 12,what is the size of the rectangles to cut? I have bought my fabric but need these questions answered. Thanks so much. Looking forward to making them.

    1. I bought 4 prints just for fun but you could do it all in one print. I cut two 12×18″ rectangles for each burp cloth and one 5×12″ panel. So there is just a panel on one side- you could do it on both sides but it would take a long time to dry so I just stick with 1.

  3. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. And the poor boy has used many a pink and purple burp rag. But usually at home, in public he gets the blue ones. 🙂

  4. i just had number 3 in December and have lately been taking to cutting up our unused baby blankets (who doesn’t have way more than they need or use?) and turning them into burp rags and washable nursing pads instead. So much more useful… because noone ever says… hey, I’ve just got too many burp rags! 😉

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