DIY Camera Case

I lost my camera case right before Christmas break so I whipped this up to keep my precious point and shoot protected while we travel. And since it’s bright red I might not lose it this time:)
Yup my little camera is quite cozy in there and protected from everything else I throw in my diaper bag. 
Want to make your own?
Let’s get started!


  • Scrap of vinyl, canvas, etc. (something sturdy)
  • Scrap of flannel for the lining
  • 1 Hammer-On Snap
1. Cut 2 long rectangles with rounded ends- 1 from your outer fabric and 1 from the liner. You need enough fabric for it to wrap around your camera and then have some leftover for the flap closure. Make sure you leave enough on the sides to wrap around the camera as well- just like wrapping a present:) Dont’ forget to leave extra space for your seam allowances

2. With right sides together fold the bottom straight edge up and sew up the 2 side seams. Your flap will be poking up the top and your camera should comfortable fit inside the case at this point.
3. With right sides together sew the case to the liner along the flap edge
4. Flip the liner inside the case and tuck in your raw edges along the rest of the opening. Topstitch shut. With   heavy vinyl this was a bit trick but it’s possible
5. Add a hammer-on snap and you’re good to go!
Hopefully I’ll have a tutorial on making a case for a real camera someday:)
But in the meantime I like to keep my point and shoot nice and safe.

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