Patchwork Pillowcase

While I was working away on the Boxer Quilt my mom made a patchwork pillowcase for my little brother to take with him to Brazil on his mission. He thought it was hilarious and loves it!
I guess it’s so hot in Brazil that you mostly sleep in a hammock but maybe he can use it as a laundry bag:)
The waistband trim is one of my favorite parts
And the back is lots of fun too
Ready to make your own?
This makes a great stashbuster project too so don’t feel limited to using just boxers:)
Let’s get started!

1. You need eighteen 8×9″ rectangles and a two 22×12″ pieces for the trim
Sew your rectangles together and then sew the front and back piece together along the bottom edge and the sides. The 9″ edges for the long side of the pillowcase and the 8″ edges form the edge where the pillowcase opens. Use 1/2″ seam allowances
2. If you want to add a waistband trim just topstitch it the trim piece about 3″ up
3. Sew the 2 trim pieces together along the short edges with right sides together
4. Slide the trim onto the pillowcase with right sides together and sew the 2 together along the pillowcase opening.
5. Fold the trim piece in half so wrong sides are together and it’s now 6ish” tall instead of 12″. Tuck the raw edges in on the inside of the pillowcase and then topstitch everything inplace along the bottom edge of the trim
It will look like this on the right side
And like this on the inside
Have fun whipping up one of these little beauties!

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  1. I love the fact that you all took underwear, which a lot of folks just throw away and came up with the quilt and pillow case!!! such a cool idea and definitely one of a kind!!! I wish I still had all the boys boxers around so I could do this!!

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