Winnie the Pooh Party

Earlier this month my baby girl turned 2!
Can’t believe how big she’s getting!
Since she’s a big fan of all things Pooh we threw her a Winnie the Pooh Brunch Birthday Party
We kept the decorations simple- streamers, a birthday banner, and her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals
I had a great time with the food and it was all really easy!
I couldn’t find any Winnie the Pooh plates at the party store so I used a piece of Pooh fabric I had laying around and just threw it down as a table runner. Wrapping paper would work great too if you have some in the right theme
Bumblebee Cupcakes
I’m no pro. but I think they turned out fairly cute. For the wings and eyes I used mini marshmallows and the stripes are just piped on (I cheated and used store frosting and it worked fine)
The kids absolutely adored these pots of Honeycomb! And I didn’t have to worry about spills over the carpet since it’s just cereal. I made the little pots out of cardstock and stuck a “hunny” label on the front. You could also use those mini dixie cups and cover them in cute paper.
To keep all of the adults happy (we had mostly adult guests) I served biscuits and honey (in a bear of course!) and some fresh fruit.
And I did the whole party for less than $20!
  • Plates, Cups, Napkins, Utensils: $5 (Dollar Tree)
  • Streamers: $2 (Dollar Tree)
  • Balloons: leftover from last year (free!)
  • Food Labels, Hunny pots, Invites, Birthday Banner: from my stash (free!)
  • Food: $10
If you’re on a tight budget you could use your own dishes and just wash up after, bake your biscuits from scratch and buy a small box of Honeycomb at the Dollar Tree instead of the big size at the grocery store (total cost: less than $10!)
and 1 very happy birthday girl!
gotta love those cheesy smiles:)

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  1. May I ask where did you get the paper product for the honey comb? So cute, I would like to get some. Thanks.

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