Quiet Book #2

Turns out I have a felt addiction- I made little miss a 2nd Quiet Book
Yup…I’m crazy! But when she’s playing nice and quietly and actually sitting down during our church meetings it’s completely worth it! And now that we have 2 I can rotate them each week to keep things exciting:)

Felt Quiet Books Tutorial

See Quiet Book #1 and all of my tips and tricks here
Now let’s take a tour…
For this book I used eyelets to bind it which I love because now I can add more pages if I want to or take out a page for repair. I used a nice sturdy vinyl for the cover
Mixed-Up Zoo
Mix up all of the animal heads to create your own crazy animals. I painted the animal bodies and then made the heads from felt
 Dress-Up with Wardrobe
 Open up the wardrobe and you’ll find boy or girl hair (I saw this idea somewhere else and now I can find it, but I thought it was genius!) and several different outfits. I didn’t bother to sew Velcro to the outfits- they stick to the felt undershirt and undies just fine without it
Not my favorite page but little miss is a big basketball fan so she likes it. The ball for each sport comes off so you can mix them up or do a matching type game
A little car comes out of the garage and can drive through the “town”. All of the road signs come off and they make a great shape matching game.
Lots of fun animals! They store in the little pocket on the front of the barn and then they have a spot to Velcro too (except for the bird which just slides into the nest)
 Table Setting/Grocery Shopping
The dishes and silverware store inside the tablecloth- get them out and see if you can find the right place for everything- I know my husband can’t quite yet:) On the other page you can load up your cart with laminated food. Then decide what to eat that day and attach it to the plate- there’s also a spot for a drink.
Simple chicken puzzle and on the very last page I added a pocket so we can store crayons, snacks, etc. in there
 This book doesn’t have quite as many pages as my 1st one but I still love it and I’m glad I got around to making it before #2 came along. Now when he’s 2 and the little miss is 4 they’ll both have one to play with, which will make life much more peaceful:)

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  1. Your Quiet Books are adorable. I’m in the process of making my 1st one and have a bit of trouble with the felt. All of yours looks so perfect!! How do you get it not to fray when working with it?

  2. Hey Amy, great job! I’m working on my first quiet book, and I have several pages done, but I used muslin as the base of the pages. I do have some Peltex (Pellon’s firmest stabilizer), but it is iron-on. I tried putting it in one page and it was a PAIN to iron around the snaps/velcro. So now what? I’m going to try putting some flannel between the pages. Any other (better) suggestions? I’d love to hear them! Thanks 🙂 C

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