Kids Snowman Craft

Now that the holiday hub bub is settling down it’s time to get some thank you cards in the mail. Little miss isn’t old enough to write her own, but she sure had fun making the cards!
  • Card Stock
  • Empty Spool of Thread
  • Felt
  • Q-Tips
  • Acrylic Paint
For some make-shift stamps I cut out a felt circle and a felt hat and glued them to my empty spool. It was the perfect size for a little hand to hold and stamp with. We did the buttons, nose, arms, and face with the end of a Q-Tip. Super quick and easy and you can make a bunch of these assembly line style and have it done in no time.
And it’s a great way to keep those little hands busy for awhile:)
I helped her with the cards (I positioned and then she stamped) and then when we were all done I let her go to town with the leftover paint.
Now I just need to get these written, stamped and on their way…

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