Chenille Baby Blanket

I am in LOVE with how this faux-chenille baby blanket turned out!
So soft, so cuddly, and so unique!
With a little man on the way I’ve been trying to shift my sewing mindset to include a few projects that are a bit more fit for a boy:)
All those rows and rows of soft, wavy flannel are perfect for a baby to snuggle up in!
{less than 100 days until we’ll be bringing our little bundle home!}
I used the tutorial on MADE and followed some extra tips from Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts
This was one of those miracle projects that ended up being easier than I thought- love that!
I made mine 1 yard square and it took me about 4 hours to finish and that was without the handy cutting tool they specially make for this- I just used scissors and it turned out fine.
For the binding I used my leftover bits of flannel and sewed them together into one long patch-worked strip. Then I just sewed it around the edge like a gigantic piece of bias tape. 
The darling bird fabric is from Poppyseed Fabrics {one of my sponsors and fav fabric sources!} and I got all of my flannel at Jo-Anns {make sure you bring lots of coupons}. 
I’m so excited about the baby bird fabric because the little miss and little man will be bunking up together and the nursery is already bird themed- now I just need to add some more manly animals to the woodsy scene:)

Let’s take one more peek at those snuggly rows of flannel
Oh and if you can sew a straight line {lots and lots of them!} you can definitely do this, so go ahead and try it!
You’ll be glad you did:) 

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  1. Oh, Amy! I love the colors and the bird pattern!! I have materials bought and ready to make (it was supposed to be made pre-Christmas!) and I’m so excited. I think these blankets are the cutest. 🙂

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