Guest Post: Wrapping Tips

Today’s Guest Blogger is Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. and she’s collected some fabulous ideas for wrapping gifts this year!

Before someone opens a gift they see the package.

They see if you’ve wrapped it in love.

A pretty package is a gift before a gift.

Now believe me I can’t spend hours on each present.

I have three kids to wrap for remember?

I can take small steps to make a gift special.


Coordinate your wrapping paper & your ribbon.
After Christmas sales are the best for stocking up on these.
Source: via Catie on Pinterest
Wrapping in pretty fabrics gives such an elegant touch.
Garlands can be used for decorating children’s gifts.
This gift right here is a special snowman kit, shhhhh.
Source: via Beth on Pinterest
Adding lace or fabric can easily make a package beautiful.
You can put lace ribbon on packaging tape to secure to a gift.
Old Maps can make beautiful gifts by adding a bow.
Twine is the best let me tell you.
Not only is it pretty inexpensive but it looks pretty.
Adding a piece of greenery to any package is a great idea.
Save that extra green stuff for your wrapping.
Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Wrapping in old books, dictionaries, & used newspaper.
This is a great way to recycle & beautiful too.

Hope you are inspired to create pretty gifts.
I pretty much will be wrapping from now until Christmas!

You can find more ideas in my Christmas Series
Recipes, Gifts, Crafts, Traditions, Wrapping & More.


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