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Hello all! I’m so excited Amy opened this up, it is the first time I have been a guest anywhere, so I’m a tad excited. Thanks Amy! My name is Colleen and I began “really” blogging about a year ago when I had to make the trek from WI to Utah with my hubby and three little princesses. (Then 5, 31/2, and 6 months). Since I started then I have fallen in love with so many bloggers, I wanted to give back a bit. So I started sharing how interesting life can be with three lil princesses, also adding reviews, easy DIY crafts (I don’t like anything that requires patience!) and recipes that my pickly lil ones like!
It is rarely boring and always humbling!!

Mama Drama
Soooo, I will get to it. I LOOOVEEE Christmas, everything behind it. The reason, the lights, the decoration, the pretty packages, annnd the advent calendars. I know it is weird. But there are SOOO many cute ones out there that I have seemed to develop a collection of them. I need to come up with ideas since a ton of candy and toys is NOT what my little princesses need! So I have a fairly simple craft for you today. It originated from an idea my MOPS got off the internet, and I ended up making it on my own. I call it the “Reason for the Season” advent calendar. However if you are a perfectionist like me, be warned, the simple craft can turn into a lengthily project!
That being said, it is super cute and super easy to do. If you love scrapbooking at all you are going to be giddy about this calendar.
The Reason for the Season Advent Calendar
First you are going to want to head over to trusty old Wal-Mart. (seems to be the only place I have found the muffin tin) and get yourself a mini muffin tin. Make sure it has 24 holes and not 18. It runs about $5.
Then grab some pretty scrapbook paper for the holidays. I used my seemingly endless supply. While you are at it find yourself some embellishments. The possibilities are limitless! Old buttons, tiny decor presents, old gift tags you have been hanging onto forever and didn’t know why, stickers etc. I also added in some ribbons.
You will need magnetic sticky paper. (or a frugal way around this to make it less expensive is to collect all those magnetic business cards you get over the year, and cut those up and glue the paper on instead of “stick”)
Whatever you decide the squares need to be approximately 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 
Once you have all those out, you have to cut your pretty papers into 24 2 1/4squares as well.
Very carefully tear off the backing to the magnets and place your scrapbook paper on top. (or at this point glue them on) Now you have your little covers for the “muffin” holes.

Now the easy, or for me tedious, fun part. You can decorate each square any way you please. You also can get sticker numbers, or just write them on as I did. And it didn’t even turn out that bad! (I can’t stand my handwriting)
That’s it! You are done!
Don’t forget to take scissors or an exacto and cut your corners rounded to they fit smoothly.
You can either have your wonderful hubby drill (ok well you can do it on your own, I’m just not that talented) holes in the top and add pretty ribbon to hang. (I had this great red and white ribbon to go together, but the little stinkers have some weird obsession with taking ribbons and tying them everywhere and I can’t ever seem to find what I am looking for) Or go to the dollar store and purchase a decorative plate stand and stand it sideways.
(He asked me through that grin if I was gong to be putting him on my blog…hehe uh, yes honey)
Now you can fill this little treat with Hershey’s kisses, or other small treats your kids like. 
Or as I did for this one (I already have a treat one) I put activities I can do with the kids each day to remind them the real reason for this Holiday Season. it doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Lord knows my holidays are already filled with that (ie, three girls, traveling by plane and car for holidays, school concerts, dance recitals, Christmas shopping, Santa activities and the list goes on)
Cut out your activities and put them in single strips, Curl them on your pencil and place in the little tin for a day of fun!
Now you’re done and ready for some family fun time to share in the season!
Below is a list of ideas I have either found or come up with to share with you. 
Do you have any ideas of your own that aren’t on here? Please do share! What are some of your best holiday traditions?
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the project!

Read Luke 2:1-15. Make an angel ornament
Make a Christmas door hanger with your name.
Pop some popcorn and watch a favorite Christmas Movie.
Make a button tree ornament.
Play fun Christmas music and have a dance party
Make a Christmas card for the mailman
Make snow globe soap.
Make Reindeer donuts.
Make paper snowflakes and hang them all over the house
Read the legend of the candy cane and make a lapbook.
Make a jingle bell wreath
Use dry erase markers to decorate your windows
Make snowflake print paper. Jesus makes us white as snow (Isaiah 1:18)
Pop some popcorn and string it on your Christmas tree.
Make peppermint marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers.
Make peppermint bark to give to a neighbor
Go Ice Skating
Make snow candles and read a Christmas story book by
Make and decorate a gingerbread house.
Make a nativity set from recycled materials.
Make a pinecone bird feeder to hang in a tree outside your home.
Sleep under the tree lights. Jesus is the light of the world
Read the Christmas Story from the Bible (Luke 2)
Read Matthew 2:1-12. Make a star ornament.
Have an indoor dinner picnik and watch a Christmas movie
Watch It’s a Wonderful Life, or any good christmas show
make spiced cider.
Make Christmas Cookies for friends.
Address and Mail Christmas Cards
Go to Borders and Pick out one new Christmas CD.
Make Thick Hot Chocolate and Homemade Marshmallows
Put up a ribbon sash for Christmas cards
Donate canned goods
Give neighbors a present
Put up a wreath
Make a Gingerbread house
Make a popcorn garland
Make hot chocolate and read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Sing (or listen) to favorite Christmas songs
Drive around to see neighborhood lights
Go out and see public light display
Read Christmas story from the Bible
Open a gift (new stocking or pajamas or pillowcase)
Make a family traditional dessert
Eat out at a festive restaurant
Go to a seasonal movie
Tell stories of childhood Christmas around the fire
Make decorative sugar cookies
Sign up to purchase gifts for a needy child
Host a Christmas dessert party
Write out a Christ-centered goal to start early for the New Year
Go to a Christmas Concert
Attend City tree lighting event
Have a full traditional breakfast while listening to Christmas music

Act out the Nativity Story as a Family
Mama Drama
Thanks Colleen!

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