Guest Post: Christmas Outfits

LOVE LOVE LOVE these little outfits!!
Hi, we are Heather and Jessica from A Couple of Craft Addicts
We are both moms that share a love for DIY projects. A few of Heather’s favorite things are pearls, rhinestones, and her glue gun. Jessica loves to find ways to fuel her fabric obsession!  We are big Naptime Crafters fans and are so excited to be here today! 
How cute are these two in their holiday outfits?
We might live in different states but with Jessica’s photo editing skills, our two little girls can be in the same picture!

Today we are sharing how to make both the shirt and skirt!  Heather will give you a quick tutorial on how to make the cute snowflake top and then Jessica will share her awesome sewing skills and teach you how to make the adorable skirt.

Shirt Tutorial:
You will need the following supplies:
-Snowflake pattern (this tutorial used a free clip art image found online)
-Felt Tip Pen
-Puffy Paint (Tulip’s Matte paint in red and white was used on the shirts in this tutorial)
First, find a simple snowflake image online and print it roughly the same size you want the snowflakes on your shirt.
Place a piece of cardboard or freezer paper inside your shirt to avoid any bleeding of the paint onto the back.  Trim the pattern and place directly where you would like the design on your shirt.  Use a felt tip pen to transfer the pattern onto your shirt.  Gently poke the pen through the paper to make a small dot on the shirt in each place.  Keep in mind you don’t need to outline the entire snowflake.  You can always add more dots with paint after you have your simple pattern on the shirt.
The pen dots on your shirt will be very light.
Use the puffy paint to add dots to the pen spots on your shirt.  Start by adding paint to every pen spot.  Then go back to add additional dots to change the look of the snowflake. 

It might be easier if you keep your snowflake pattern next to your shirt as a guide.

The white puffy paint to added some extra detail to each snowflake.
Each snowflake on the shirts started with the same pattern in different sizes.  You can easily change the way each snowflake looks by adding more puffy paint or not using as much to each design.

Skirt Tutorial
You will need the following supplies:
-3 different fabrics

        Top Layer: 7″x36″ (2 pieces)         Middle Layer: 7″x36″ (2 pieces)         Bottom Layer: 10″x36″ (2 pieces)

        Waist Band: 3.5″x27″

*This is for a 2T. I would suggest adding about 1 inch in the length of each piece/size increase-Ribbon for the bows *varies depending on how big your want your bows but I used about 2 yards-Elastic thread -1 inch elastic -Trim for the layers like lace or tulle Regular sewing supplies like scissors, thread, etc Step 1: Cut out all your pieces. Sew each of your layer pieces to the matching piece right sides together on one side to make 3 long layer pieces.

Then you are going to turn the bottom of each piece over 1/4 inch and another 1/4 inch and sew down to create a hem. Repeat with all the pieces. Next add your trims to the bottom and middle layer pieces. 

Here is what you end up with:

Step 2: Lay all your pieces on top of each other with the bottom piece on the bottom and the top piece on the top. Baste your pieces together at the top of the skirt. Then with a loose stitch, sew across the top of the skirt leaving the ends long for gathering. Sew another line next to your first line again with a loose stitch leaving your ends long. Gather your skirt at the top until it is the same length as your waist band piece.

Step 3: Fold your waist band piece in half wrong sides together and press. Then sew the waist band piece to your skirt piece right sides together. Flip your waistband up and press.

Insert your elastic into the waistband using a safety pin. Pin the elastic ends to each end of the skirt. Now you are going to sew up the side of the skirt with the right sides facing each other, make sure to sew both ends of the elastic together and back stitch at the waist band to ensure the stitches stay.
Step 4: Now you need to decide where you want your bows. I wanted 3 in the front and 3 in the back so I measured the front of the skirt in the center, then I split each side in half and marked those pieces giving me 3 equal sections of the skirt.
Repeat with the back. Now you are going to stitch a line up those sections using your elastic thread stopping about 1.5 inches from the waistband. *For more info on sewing with elastic thread look HERE.
Step 5: Now you have gathered areas of the skirt you are going to use these gathers to hand stitch your top layers up. I scrunched the fabric at each elastic thread line until it was the length I liked. Then I stitched the scrunched portion together. Finish each scrunch with a bow by forming the bows and sewing it by hand onto the skirt.
 Finish all the elastic areas as instructed above and then your skirt is done!
Thanks for letting us visit!  We had so much fun sharing our daughters’ holiday outfits!

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