Guest Post: Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas

Make your gifts shine this year with some of these genius ideas!

Hi everyone!  My name is Laura from over at B & B’s Nest and I’m so excited to be here today.  B & B’s Nest is a home decor, furniture refinishing, DIY, craft blog (a little bit of everything, I guess).  One of the things I pride myself on in our nest is being resourceful and utilizing what we have around the house, or an inexpensive vintage item, or thrifty finds, to create something beautiful.  So it seems fitting that with the holidays here, and gift buying mayhem, that it’s time to start thinking about how to wrap those fantastic gifts we’ve all purchased. Of course there’s the standard wrapped box:
Source:  Pinterest
Or gift bag:
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Or wine bag:
But since we (you and I) consider ourselves to be Naptime Crafters, well then, why not think outside of the box (haha, get it?) and get a little more creative and resourceful when it comes to wrapping our gifts this year? First, I decided to tackle the wine gift.  I had some burlap in my fabric scraps and a few extra snowflake ornaments that weren’t being used this year:
I cut the burlap into a square about 13 inches from each direction out from the bottle:
I then gathered up one corner of the burlap at a time, holding on to them as I went.
I cut a scrap piece of burlap that measured about 2″ x 10″:
Threaded the snowflake ornament onto it:
And then tied it around the bottle to secure all of the burlap in place:
It is super easy to do and your options are limitless.  You could use any scrap fabric you have around the house, any ribbon and any ornament.  In fact, you could even use a clay tag (tutorial here) that your loved one could reuse.  And if your baby is really taking a long nap on the day you decide to do this, then by all means you could even stencil a message on the burlap:  faith, love, Merry Christmas, or whatever you like.  You are only limited by your imagination!
Another gift wrap idea that I adore is inspired by the old fashioned Christmas “poppers”:
Source:  Pinterest
Mine are super simple and utilize pretty much anything you have on hand in your home. Here I used: Toilet paper roll (we all have those, right?) Holiday gift wrap Silver bells Silver ribbon
You would simply fill your toilet paper roll with your gift wrapped in tissue paper before you start to wrap it.  The toilet paper roll is a great size for earrings, or a necklace, even little chocolates, or small children’s toys.
Place your toilet paper roll in the center at one end of your wrapping paper, leaving about the same length of paper on either side of the paper roll, and roll up slowly:
Secure the wrapping paper in place with a piece of tape and then gather up each of side of the wrapping paper to define where you’ll place your ribbon:
Thread your jingle bell onto the ribbon:
And tie a bow around each end of your toilet paper roll and secure:
It looks very similar to a popper you’d purchase at the store, only for a lot less money!!  And you made it yourself, which is always nice.  Again, as alternatives to what I did here, you could use tissue paper or fabric to wrap your popper.  Get creative!  They also make great place card holders, too, filled with a little treat for your guests!
And last, but not least, is my alternative to the gift bag.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the gift bag.  I think they’re beautiful and I love that they can be reused.  But sometimes I like to make something unique, something you can’t buy in a store.  So I decided to make a gift cone.
I purchased some basic poster board from the craft store and then grabbed some ribbon, my trusty glue gun, scissors and scrapbook paper:
I cut the poster board to about 12″ in length, leaving it the original width, and then rolled it into a cone shape, being careful to leave one side with a really nice point (you don’t want your gift coming out the other end):
Once I had the poster board shaped to the size and length I wanted, I sealed it with a line of hot glue to keep it all in place:
Then I repeated the same steps with the scrapbook paper which I used to cover the entire cone:
*Note:  You could probably just use scrapbook alone to make your cone and forget about the poster board all together, but I’ve never done that.  I’ve always wanted to make sure my cone was reinforced and strong, not flimsy. Then I wrapped ribbon around the widest part of the cone, and once I knew how long the ribbon needed to be, I cut it and then hot glued it around the top of the cone:
Next I punched holes in either side through the ribbon:
And then threaded the ribbon through the holes and tied them in place:
Now your cone is ready to be filled with your small gift and tissue paper, just like you would do with any gift bag.  These cones would also make fantastic place cards at your next dinner party, or if you made them small enough, you could even hang them on your tree and surprise your guests with them.
Another great gift wrap alternative that I did not picture here, is the bucket I made to go with our Advent Calendar.  You can usually find the buckets in the dollar bin and they also make great gift giving filled with goodies of all kinds!
Well, it’s been really nice being with you today.  A big thank you to Amy for having me here.  It’s been a pleasure crafting on your behalf!  I hope I’ve provided some gift wrapping inspiration for you.  I’m sure many of you could take these ideas to the moon and back with your level of creativity.
Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us in B & B’s Nest!  Happy wrapping!

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  1. Hi there!! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. You have given me many a great idea for crafts for my kids and things to spruce up my home. I would love it if you could take a minute to check out my blog. It is fairly new so there is not too much to it yet, but it is destined for greatness;P Thanks and keep up the great work:)

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